Re: Mark as Complete or Hiatus?

I'm about to finish up the first arc of my story. When I set out to writing it I had a clear picture of the story I wanted to tell.
I didn't go into too much world building with that in mind but character development is decent (in my opinion) and I got a chapter with more narrative coming up soon.
So the big question now is do I set it as complete or hiatus?

I might return to this world and cast in the future but the chance isn't great due to lack of over arcing plot and story direction

Personally I'm leaning towards complete and if I do write another arc just submit it as a new fiction and link to the first arc in the description.

Opinions / advice?

Re: Mark as Complete or Hiatus?

Neither, this is a mistake. Why would you want multiple stories for multiple-miniature arcs? It makes no sense.

You are forcing people to see the first chapter of your second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth arc as a seperate story, and in so doing forcing them to start mid-way into the overall story, and then forcing them to click a link or do research to look up the first chapter of the first arc. This is like starting GoT in season 4 on HBO only to be told to go buy a Netflix subscription to see the first three seasons just to get started.
I promise you, you will lose 90%+ of all readers doing this. They will look at this and go "yeah, screw this."
You never want to increase the number of steps and work it takes for people JUST GET TO GET STARTED. You ALWAYS want to DECREASE the number of steps it takes for someone to get the ball rolling.

Put it all in one story.

Re: Mark as Complete or Hiatus?

If you do not write anything in your story for at least a month, your novel will automatically receive the tag, "In HIATUS." 

Now to get the tag "COMPLETED," you need to ask a mod or an admin via support ticket to place that info in your title. Although I haven't heard of anyone abusing it yet, I'm pretty sure that the mods will notice if you keep updating your stories with additional chappies in the future, when your story already has the "COMPLETED" tag. More likely, well, you're going to piss someone off.

The suggestions before me are the right option you should take. Let your story go on hiatus as you prepare for arc 2, but write it in the same place you've written the original so, hopefully, you can retain your previous supporters when you are ready to republish. I would suggest that you placed a fake chapter in your table of content like an author's note or author's rant or whatever you want to call it. Here, you will officially declare the end of arc one, thank them for reading your story, and you are still writing arc two and promise to publish it here once you are ready after a few months... or years.

Good luck, and keep writing.