Re: Pirate Adventure/Fantasy Story Art

Hiya, I'm new to RR. I haven't gotten around much yet, but finding an art share forum seemed like a great place to start, to introduce both myself as a "writer-artist", and my work. I like drawing in a more western cartoon style and have been working on that for six years, and working on writing for seven. Writing and drawing came hand-in-hand because all I ever wanted was to be able to visualize and bring my characters to life.

All the art below is by me. These are some of my more complete works starring my characters and themes from Riven Isles, which is an adventure story inspired by Treasure Island. 

To start out, here are some simple stickers. I did a giveaway when I hit 1K reads on Wattpad on a draft of the story and had these printed and shipped to some awesome readers. <3 I might do another giveaway if I ever hit 10K, but uh, it did cost me enough money that I'm not going to just jump into it--at least I know the best method of doing a sticker giveaway now, though.

This next one is much older--2016 or early 2017? I had a phase where I hated doing sketching and lineart digitally so much that I refused to go through with it. (I still hate doing lines digitally, but nowadays I just suck it up.) The lines in this drawing are a mess because they are a traditional pencil sketch that I never cleaned up: I just scanned it to my computer, stuck it in a program as an "overlay" layer, and colored underneath.
This character is Captain Hank Clarke. He's a great dancer and loves playing on his banjo, though an average musician. His employers don't much care for him because of his "wild card" unconventional (and rum-pot) nature, but he is unforgiving and steadfast in his methods. 

From the same chapter/scene as that above drawing is another drawing of the Captain, this time with the POV character, Walter Avery. Walter is not the typical POV character, as he starts out neither strong nor greatly intelligent. He has to learn to be some kind of hero by being thrown into the thick of a sticky situation, and in learning, he looks up to the Captain. Except, he has to be wary of picking up any of the wrong traits from the arrogant alcoholic. 

I'm not proud of this drawing because I messed up Walter's hair and it looks dumb.
This next one I drew for Valentine's day in 2017 and it's still one of my favorite drawings. It was really self-indulgent, giving some love to one of the most loathsome characters in the story: Professor Simon Woods (right). This is not an actual scene in Riven Isles, but it felt good drawing it. ;3;

Lastly, the piece de resistance, a redraw of a screenshot from Disney's The Sword in the Stone with my own characters, depicting a scene from an early chapter. Watching The Sword in the Stone for the first time in many years reminded me how much I loved it, and in it, I noticed some parallels to my own characters. I couldn't resist.


Arthur - Walter
Naive young orphan with little dreams, unbeknownst to a grand and exciting future ahead.
Archimedes - Professor Woods
Prickly scholar who prefers knowledge and intellect and books over any human contact–or so he presents himself.
Merlin - Dr. Oswald
Older guide who sees something in the boy that no one else seems to care about and takes him under his wing.

Thank you for having a look! <3