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Hello, everyone. I just posted a new story about an earthling being transported to a world that's been trapped in a time loop. It's just 10,000 words now but I'll gladly read at least 15,000 words of your story and give you an honest review in exchange for reviewing my story. If you are interested you can comment below or talk to me privately.

Here's the synopsis:

A young man from eighties is transported to another world. He received a decent power up just like you will expect. But what if the world he finds himself in is already suffering from an unknown evil? And the evil was no man or demon, it was something else entirely?

Link below 👇

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parkertallan Wrote: A very interesting premise. I'd be glad to do a review swap with you. In return I'll offer up my short story collections "Imaginings." The stories are mostly sci-fi with a few other genres thrown in. Pick and choose whatever stories strike your fancy. Thanks.

I'll read it and post a review. Thanks

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Hi, up and ready to review swap with you (because it's only fair that if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours) ^^

My story, "The Other Labyrinth", is a litrepg-reincarnation novel that follow four friends that were separated by the reincarnation and are now each in a different world.
I want to put romance in there but it's by far not the main subject, no explicit sex so far (but there is explicit content, like people naked) and I hate Harem. One of the PoV is a post-apo one, and the whole concept of the labyrinth revolve around seeing world going through apocalypse and see if they can avert it or not ^^

I'll read at least 35k words before doing my review ^^

Dm me if you want to do a review swap with me ^^[url=][/url]