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Twin Worlds: Warriors and Mages

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy/romance/action/mystery


*This is a story of two worlds becoming one; of magic arts intertwining with magic technology; Of battles fought long ago, haunting the present day. This is a story of two hearts falling in love, of nations clashing, of ideals destroying one another. This is a story of a failed warrior, and a mage who has everything to lose--her country, her father, her sister, her people's lives.

Arthur Crane lives an ordinary life working as a police officer, blanketing a past filled with loss. When Aisha came to his life, he finally finds himself falling all over again. However, when Aisha's true identity is revealed, Arthur might just have to reopen the door to his past.

Will Arthur Crane, with his lack of activation power, be able to protect Aisha? Will Aisha, with her overwhelming strength, choose a path without death?

Will they be able to save the world from destruction?

Singed: Secret Memories*