Re: Do you make money by writing?

There aren't any hard statistics on how much writers in RR earn. To further elaborate on this: The vast majority of people writing here do it as a hobby. From my experience, I would say less than 200(this number can be inaccurate, it's my opinion) writers on this site make money from it—the time that you would need to invest in writing makes it hard to justify your writing as only a hobby and it borders on a second job. Patreon is an option, but that falls back on my previous point because of the large amount of time investment required to keep up a consistent schedule while maintaining the writing quality.

If you came here to make any income in a short amount of time, then I'd rather steer you away from writing here. Building an audience takes time, and it's enough of a reward that people take the time to read your story. Once you've proven that your story is one of quality and that you can maintain the rigorous dedication needed to maintain a decent upload schedule, then create a Patreon for early chapter releases. Every reader on this site has been burned before by promising stories that suddenly stop because the writer stopped posting, so they are always sceptical.

You can add a Paypal link for donations but never beg or ask for money; if someone like your story enough to send you some money then that's what the donation link is for, not for a consistent income.

In summary, don't worry about making money now. Your account is still new and you don't know if your story will be successful. Start your book, release chapters consistently and build an audience. Once you've done that, then you can start considering profiting from the book. The other option is just to publish the completed book to amazon, but I don't think that's what you were asking. 

Best of luck if you decide to begin posting here.

Re: Do you make money by writing?

I agree with Danetello. To really make money on it, you have to treat it as a real job, and that's not enough by itself. The story also has to be high quality, it has to appeal to folks who pay for stories that follow models like this, you have to market it to the right audience, you have to take the time to build your own audience, and you have to get lucky.

If you want to make real money, look at the stories that are very successful financially--things like The Wandering Inn, Defiance of the Fall, or Three Square Meals/John Blake Chronicles. (There are others but I can't remember them all, and these three are close to the top of the list in terms of Patreon revenue for serialized web fiction.) These stories can give you some ideas for models to follow, but don't go into it expecting to match their success, or to even get close.

If you plan to make any revenue at all, be sure to track all your paperwork for tax purposes. Your expenses (things like book covers, advertising, proofreading services, and software) can offset your revenue to avoid paying extra least until you're making a profit.

Re: Do you make money by writing?

As is stated above, RR isn't the place if your goal is to make piles of quick cash. But what it is great for is building an audience. Posting a story, getting good feedback, using the criticism to improve, and building a relationship with your audience is incredibly vital for a writer, especially if you intend to write web serials. 

The series that IvyVeritas posted above are great examples to study and follow. Though we might never get to that level, I'm a firm believer that hard work and dedication can get us closer.

Re: Do you make money by writing?

As others have said, I think the biggest thing is just building a following for a few reasons. One, it means you have people who will want to pay money to see what comes next. Two, it shows you are consistent and wont drop the story like most of RR's stories. And three, it means you have something worth reading which will attract more readers, meaning more money. 

In the short run, you won't make money and frankly it could be months before you reach that point. But take the smart way, build a good story, get a loyal following and then look into Patreon or Paypal. 

Good luck, hope you do great! 

Re: Do you make money by writing?

You can definitely make money from writing. It's all about your readers. Your readers are the key to the chest of cash you are dreaming of.  As long as your readers are genuinely interested in your novel, they will be happy to support you. You will be surprised by the power of your readers when they become your fans.
However, the problem is how to capture their unwavering interest and loyalty. Put your best into your work and build a sizable readers. Then, youcan talk about making something out of your effort and time. But, it's very possible.