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Syaxe Wrote: Hi Morgan, If it's not too much to ask? Can I please get a review for my story I just recently made. I haven't really got plenty of criticism on grammar, so I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong on my first foray on first person. 

Little Giant

Thanks a lot for reading all our requests!!!


I can't promise a review but I'll take a look. You'll want to use this link instead, though. That one links to your dashboard, not the public story page:

Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]


authorwriterbard Wrote: Hey! Mine's an urban fantasy. Second Remnant Series.

Lmk if you're gonna read mine and I'll do the same to yours.

I give almost everything posted a read, it's just if I stick with it or not. I'll start reading yours tonight/this weekend. Like I said, I can't guarantee a review. If I bounce off I generally won't review since it wouldn't be fair.

Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]

Hi Morgan, 

I just reviewed your Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord story and really enjoyed it. 

Here's my fiction if you ever fancy having a read. It's still in the works, and I don't have your insane writing pace, but it's slowly getting there.

Don't worry, I'm not expecting a review, and if it's not your thing, that's totally fine! :) 


Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]

Thanks guys, I'll take a look at these for sure. I've been busting my ass on Capo trying to get a decent amount of chapters ahead, but I do still have time for reading.

And Mr Northman, I am very aware of your review. I loved it. It is currently framed above my desk. (Not really, but I did make my wife read it. Her notes were that it was very long.)

To answer your criticism about LA in case it isn't obvious: I'm not actually from LA. I've been there once and I love it, but it just seemed the most obvious place to set a story like this. Any "inside" knowledge I'm dropping is just coming from lots and lots of movies and rap with a touch of research. I wanted it to feel real like good gangster movies do.

Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]


YAK Wrote: I did a review of your story, could you in exchange review mine?

Sure, I'll give it a go. I do feel the nearly-unstoppable need to correct your review though.

Manny's not ignorant of the Internet, because it's not 1990 in our time. There are no personal computers, and no publicly-available Internet. Computers haven't got past mainframes, which is why Manny laughs when Mack mentions going to the library to use their computers.

Sure, if this were sci-fi that wouldn't work. There'd be no high tech cars without computers, etc. I'm hoping my readers will excuse my lack of historical consistency there.

I'm glad you liked Manny, he seems to be a favorite. 

Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]

in my story the earth has just been wiped out by the asteroid apocalypse. Two humans survived because they happened to be an the worlds largest seed vault, and an alien sends them back in time with everything they can strip from the seed vault. They go back to 70AD, one to Africa and one to North America. Lets just say short term goal for the story is earth having a couple of new major empires, and long term its having a space industry capable of stopping the asteroid apocalypse

Prologue is here