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Hey guys and girls just wanted to throw up a quick post to get some help with a male antagonist name for a sci fi story I'm working on offsite to hopefully post here for you guys and girls to read. 

My problem is I can't think of any male names that sound like that fit in a sci fi story that aren't plain or maybe over used. All I have so far is kaiden and Nate. Ps. If anyone on Royal Road actual/ real name is Kaiden or Nate I apologise I dont mean to offend you guys. Just need help. So shoot me some name suggestions please any help much appreciated.

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Names can be one most of the rewarding aspects of world building.
Where is your male mc from?
What is his background?
What culture did his mother obsess about?
What is his personality like, or his most outstanding characteristics?
Now look up the word origin for those characteristics. Change it up to match the form of a modern language. Like Latin->Spanish/Italian/French.
Old Goth/Saxon-> English.
Farsi also has some interesting twist in in suffix usage.
You may come up with a name that is not only aesthetically pleasing and unique, but viable as well.

I should give you an example: 
This is León Ballano a dominant if not main character in my series Tasìa del Alma-Gris.
Quote:Waiting led to small talk. León asked her where she was from. When Tasìa answered, he gasped, "ah! College town. I misspent some of my youth in Rossara."
She nodded back in a sheepish grin. His response also let her know that León was not aware of a substantial part of General Kutuzova's past. At least, where Kutuzova spent years hiding from Interpol between his missions.
She also discovered his ancestors arrived in Paraguay over a hundred years before from Barcelona, Spain. They resettled after the Spanish Civil War.
"Soldiers. We Ballano's have always been soldiers. We have a specific talent to that effect embedded in our DNA."
"What would that talent be?"
Mischief upturned his grin before he answered.
"Picking the losing side."

I had his background already in play before I picked his name.
I chose León because León: the Professional is one of my favorite movies.
Ballano, I chose because that is the surname of the current mayor of Barcelona, Spain.

Other names. Tasìa, this is convoluted. The explanation in the novel is she was named after her half-Russian aunt (Kutuzova's daughter), Tatiana. Her name Tasìa is shortened form of the name, and mimics Russian pronunciation.
That's the official version. Unofficially, she is named after my aunt Natasha, a retired nun. The other explanation is just a slight of hand.
General Kutuzova is named after Russia's most famous general who bested Napoleon. Adding the 'a' suffix is legit, and you will find a few Eastern European celebs with that name as well.

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Yeah I think we need a bit more information on this guy before deciding what a fitting name would be.

Why does he oppose the protagonist? How? What kind of personality does he have and what kind of image does he wish to portray to others?

What kind of names are common in your story and his particular background? Does he stick with his birth name or did he pick another for some reason? 

Do you want it to be a reference to history, mythology or anything? Perhaps an ironic name if you look up the actual meaning? Or have the meaning reveal something only implied? Or just be a good description?

Without this we can only take shots in the dark, Nate and Kaiden only suggest a very wide range of options.

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Thanks for the advice people much appreciated. To help you out with some more info my antagonist is a thief and a liar a real dick but he also happens to have the same power as the protagonist which is to create or destroy things with their minds. His cocky arrogant and back stabs main female lead at end of first book stopping her from taking object that will stop a war.

How power works for the architect alien race in my sci fi.
I know that sounds like a over powered ability but I have made sure there is measures to keep it in place. 
Measure 1 complete focus of mind no stray thoughts or emotions when using power.
Measure 2 They can only do things that don't take to much energy from their bodies or they die. 
Measure 3 If they need more power they use crushable crystals that store more energy than their bodies can hold. The colour of the crystals each have various strength or amount of energy that they can store. The more rare things they use to help them are star gems which are gems that come out of asteroids and are rare so super expensive. They are usually put in a ring or necklace and can store a ridiculous amount of energy.

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If you want to work in a reference and perhaps give some subtle foreshadowing of his betrayal how about looking up some of the names in Dante's Inferno's ninth circle of hell, the one for traitors?
Judas is definitely too on the nose but there are plenty of others and you can just change a consonant or two to make it sound more sci-fi.
Also is mercury a planet for his people or was it ever? Mercury was the god of a lot skilled professions including thieves, so if he's descended from early settlers his surname might reflect that in universe.
So how about Cassius Mercuryborn? Named after one of the people who stabbed Julius Caesar in the back and the roman god of thieves? Plus it I think it sounds like the name of a pretty arrogant guy.

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Make up your own. It's science fiction, who knows what names are on different worlds, parallel universes or dimensions. Or even if they use them. They could all be named by number and brood batch.

Sterris came from the Nebula system, a planet called Terank. His pilot, C of Blue Heavy, was a brood born, from the Callium Star Systems research farm on Dgrx. His Friends just called him Blue or C. That wise ass from Earth called him Ultramarine, because C he was a bit of a jar-head at heart, it's what he was bred for. Earth boy also just liked the play on words.

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Another thing to consider is biology. If the MC has a different jaw/tongue/mouth/throat/etc structure than a human, then human-spelled names might be difficult to pronounce. Shoot, for all we know, the MC might not have true vocal cords and his/her native language is a series of unvoiced consonants, glottal stops, clicks, etc.

For example, a reptilian species lacking true lips wouldn't have B, P, M, F, or V, and so, would have a language and name consisting of dental, palatal, and glottal sounds, like T, N, D, S, the Xhosa "X", the Arabic "Q", or The German Ach-laut. Enter Chassaq, the serpentine assassin.

Another example might be an insectoid species. This, you could have fun with. After all, they have a whole different set of appendages to speak with. They could have plosive-like percussive sounds from their pedipalps, clicking, pitched tooth-grinding, etc.