Re: Review Offer (and perhaps a swap)!


Luxmes Wrote: Hi, up and ready to review swap with you (because it's only fair that if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours) ^^

My story, "The Other Labyrinth", is a litrepg-reincarnation novel that follow four friends that were separated by the reincarnation and are now each in a different world.
I want to put romance in there but it's by far not the main subject, no explicit sex so far (but there is explicit content, like people naked) and I hate Harem. One of the PoV is a post-apo one, and the whole concept of the labyrinth revolve around seeing world going through apocalypse and see if they can avert it or not ^^

I'll read at least 35k words before doing my review ^^

Dm me if you want to do a review swap with me ^^

Edit: Done! Really enjoyed your story!