Re: Describe your story in the worst possible way!

The fiction isn't posted anywhere yet, but 'Soon':

Guy works as a writer in the game industry because he couldn't land a real job. He argues with everyone about everything to relieve some frustration and is happy when other people get frustrated. 

He doesn't care one bit about the game he's working on, even though he claims he does, and will actively try to stump creativity and stop people from doing what they want in a sandbox mmo rpg that is just reaching into the virtual world. 

Travel with him as he tells people they are stupid at game cons, botches up his own attempt at romance, botches up his friend's attempt at romance and all in all just makes a mess of things by being a terrible human being.

The game is also stupid as there are barely any good fight scenes and everyone seems so weak. Even the MC who should be bad-ass is a wimp. Instead it tries to focus on some realistic experiences, exploration and character interaction, but misses the point with all three.

The pacing is bad and the attempts at humor fall flat, if they fall at all. Usually they just fail. All in all a failing mark, Do Not Read, spend your time more productively by watching paint dry or grass grow.

Damn, now I feel bad, me, did I have to say it like this?