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I'm looking for an action series that has an extremely skilled protagonist. Additional powers and stuff is fine, but I do like seeing the MC being an extremely good fighter off raw skill alone instead of either getting lucky, abusing his powers, or both. Yeah, that's about it. Hand-to-hand combat skill preferred, but being skilled with weapons, close-range or long is fine as well so long as the protagonist is actually competent instead of bumbling or lucky. 

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In my series, the main character Tasía del Alma-Gris relies heavily on her skill sets in her various missions and adventure set ups.

She is only 4'11" so her hand-to-hand is near to non-existent. However, her small arms and rifle acumen are top rate. Here is a taste:

Quote:Tasìa pulled herself up to the top cornice work of the wall. She stood up and had a look around. The lattice grid that rose above the radio tower foundation was less than three hundred yards away.
Her target, however, was small. She had only four square inches of surface area to exploit; if she hit it solidly a few times, it would be enough to take the drones out of communication with the pilot.
With her .32 in hand, Tasìa dashed towards her target.
That being a cable fastener that connected two cables linked to the antenna that relayed back to the drones.
The fastener between the two cables was designed to serve as a one-way diode. It kept the signal clean from distortion feeding back into it.
Tasìa determined it was also the only part of the assembly that was not bulletproof. Anything less than a .50 would be useless against the cable, antenna, or the control panel where two heavy-duty locks dangled.
She heard the caterwauling hum from several yards out.
Tasìa was forced to duck as another drone tried to drill into her back. It zagged it's flight angles before she could get a bead on it.
The .32 she now had in her hands gave her a defensive edge. It likely made the pilot more cautious; however, she was also more exposed to the drones attack as she made a path forward along the wall's cornice surface.
Thankfully, the cornice surface was more sheathed and smoothed than decorative so it did little to obstruct her path.
The drone was about to circle back around.
The aim would be outside of Tasìa's comfort zone for the weapon she had in hand. She had little choice but to make it work, as she understood what the pilot had in mind for the next attack.
It was taking several more seconds to angle a flight descent that would cause the drone to crash its bottom plate into the cornice surface just a few yards before it reached Tasìa, like a skipping rock, before it slammed into her.
She used the extra time to her advantage. Tasìa dropped to one knee. Aimed her .32 in a tight grip at a bolt head that held the lattice grill onto a girder at her exact eye-level.
She shot it, aiming dead center. It hit the bolt, but nipped it on the bottom instead of in the middle.
From the much higher than usual recoil, Tasìa knew the round itself was not at fault. The bullet, as it was being fired from such a high-octane load-out inside the round, would fly even and steady for several hundred yards before it started its descent.
The fault was in the snub design of the barrel.
However, It did not matter. Tasìa aimed one inch above the fastener jacket when she shot it four times.
The fastener nearly ripped in two.
Behind her, the drone angled too steeply. It crashed and bounced up. Tasìa had to run forward to avoid the debris.
The flight patterns of the other drones grew more and more unstable until they each, one by one, dropped out of the sky.

She is more of a stealth cat-burgler than a head on fighter. That skill set is on display as well, but she also finds herself in situations where there is little choice but to shoot her way out of. Careful planning for heist/escapes get overwhelmed by events, and that is when things get more brutal than she would prefer.
The stealth elements are inspired by Dishonored/Thief/Splinter Cell. 
Whereas, what I call the gun porn element is inspired by Mark Greaney's Gray Man series.
However, stealth is the main focus, as well as her technical know-how. She knows her way around Arduinos and Raspberries, for instance.

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Gonna self-plug here. My MC has a lot of internal problems to work through, but he starts as a very skilled fighter. It's an urban fantasy with a deep and complex magic system that really starts to come out in the second half of the book and even more in Book 2, which I have completely written and will be posting soon.

The Dark Places

Trust gets you killed, and so does black magic.
Just as 17-year-old Seth Blackwell triumphs over his rivals in the local fighting scene, he’s faced with pain he’s never felt before. Broken hearts heal nothing like broken bones.
In the aftermath, Seth becomes a darker version of himself and falls for the pretty, new girl — Nicole Bauer — who participates in a world of bloodsport which he’d previously refused to tape up for. Taking her hand, he dives headfirst into the carnage.
Seth hopes that dating Nicole will help him heal, but soon he discovers hidden truths about her. Not only is Nicole pretty, but she’s also pretty dangerous, and now he’s on the run. Lured into a dangerous hunt where he is the prey, the only choices that remain are those destined to leave blood on Seth’s hands.
Enter a world of dark magic, where violent action is the only sure course of survival and no one is to be trusted.


Zach let out a wordless roar and charged Seth, one hand forward, one hand pulled back in a fist. He was fast, he was big. But Seth was a lot faster, and he could put his shin at head height.
Seth's shin slammed through Zach's jaw at the speed of sound, knocking the football player off course and into a table. The blow was too fast to be a knockout for such a large individual, but it disoriented him. As Zach shook the stars out of his head, Seth lunged forward with a kick from his other leg that sank his shin deep into the meaty portion of Zach's thigh.
Zach's leg buckled and he toppled over to the ground. Seth danced backwards on the balls of his feet, his hands half up. He looked around the cafeteria as it burst into an uproar, the chants for fighting rising and filling the building. It was intoxicating, more than having a bunch of fellow martial artists cheer him on. Seth spotted Anthony with his phone held high, recording the whole thing. Fuck.
Seth settled into a slightly bladed fighting stance, hands more forward than up, and watched as Zach struggled to his feet.
"I'm gonna wreck you, Blackwell," he growled. He charged again with a powerful tackle. Seth knew if he sprawled against the attack, he would just be bull-rushed forward and slammed to the ground where Zach would have all the advantage. Seth lashed out with a slapping hook as he pivoted to the side. His knuckles landed only a glancing blow to Zach's shoulder, but it kept Seth out of reach. He fired off another low kick into Zach's leg from the outside, this one a fast stinger. Zach stumbled and struggled to keep balance.
The two circled. Seth glanced around, looking for teachers coming to break up the fight. He spotted none. Northwest High didn't have many fights, and he supposed Anthony and David's fight club might have something to do with that. Plenty of beef was settled there, and it rarely made its way to the halls of the school. Maybe that's why no one tried to shut it down. It gave Seth vague vibes of the movie The Purge and he didn't like that.
Zach took advantage of Seth's distraction and snatched Seth's wrist with surprising speed. Zach hauled back for a punch. Seth stepped around to the outside, then smashed the blade of his forearm down through the crook of Zach's elbow, ripping the grab away. Seth then slipped under the wild haymaker, circling to the opposite side and ripping the strongest hook he could muster into Zach's belly.
A tough mixture of fat and muscle absorbed the blow, but Zach stumbled. Seth cursed himself for missing a wide-open liver shot, then followed the strike with a second hook into Zach's hip, hoping to further hinder his mobility. Zach took the shot with ease, then landed a clean elbow to the side of Seth's head.
Stars filled Seth's vision and he stumbled away, arms up in a defensive posture. He felt a hand grab his wrist, then a fist pummel his belly with force that should have only belonged to a kick. Before his vision cleared, Zach hoisted him up and launched him through the air. Seth flipped once and crashed down onto his upper back onto a surface that looked and sounded like a cafeteria table. More stars filled his vision and he rolled off the table away from Zach.
Seth staggered to his feet and shook his head hard. His vision cleared in time to see Zach reaching striking distance. Lights out.
A streak of gray came out of nowhere and spear-tackled Zach wide of Seth. The person circled behind Zach before Seth could register who it was, grabbed Zach by the waist, put their hips below his, and threw everything they had backwards.
When you weigh two hundred and seventy pounds, you don't fall light.
Zach smashed into the ground and rolled away. The look on his face said he was used to taking impact, but that that was an exceptional one. Seth resumed his fighting stance alongside Andrew.
Andrew grinned. "Can't let you have all the fun, bro."
Zach lumbered forward, sizing them up.
Seth leaned over to Andrew slightly and said as low as could be heard over the crowd. "I just need one clean shot at his face."
"You got it."
Andrew rushed in for a double-leg takedown, which Zach easily stuffed and sent Andrew rolling away. But to stuff a takedown, you need both arms, which left Zach's face wide-open as Seth came sailing through the air with a flying roundhouse kick.
Shin connected with Neanderthal jaw and Zach dropped like a rock.

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Gonna drop in a wee self-plug too. In my fiction (gamelit) Kal is an ex-police officer. So much of his fighting skill comes from real-world experience translated into the game, rather than high stats, OP skills, and so on.

I hope you enjoy! Its still early doors. -> Alter Online

Also didn't get too far into Tasía del Alma-Gris, but I read a good few chapters and it was pretty cool, so I can vouch for that too!