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ManeReader Wrote:
BlueOnceMoon Wrote: Hi all, 

I'm keen to get some feedback, as I'm sure many of us are. So, like the title says, if you have a look at the first handful of chapters of my story (Third Death is the one I'm working on right now), I'll do the same for you. Reply here or PM if you're interested.

Sure, sure. Mine is:

Awesome, I've added it to the list :) 

Re: Review Third Death and I'll Review Your Story :)


Hi, up and ready to review swap with you (because it's only fair that if you scratch my back I'll scratch yours) ^^

My story, "The Other Labyrinth", is a litrepg-reincarnation novel that follow four friends that were separated by the reincarnation and are now each in a different world.
I want to put romance in there but it's by far not the main subject, no explicit sex so far (but there is explicit content, like people naked) and I hate Harem. One of the PoV is a post-apo one, and the whole concept of the labyrinth revolve around seeing world going through apocalypse and see if they can avert it or not ^^

I'll read at least 35k words before doing my review ^^

Dm me if you want to do a review swap with me ^^