Re: I made this cover, thoughts/opinions? :)


parkertallan Wrote: This cover definitely gives a cyber-punk/dystopian vibe. The font works well. The zeros and ones running down the page are a nice touch. The only thing that seems out of place to me is the red on the far-right side of the hair which looks like stripes.

Thank you so much!! The red is supposed to reference an augmentation/ability referenced throughout in the book. I can go in and see if I can make it look a little more clear :3

Thank you!

Re: I made this cover, thoughts/opinions? :)

Currently, the focus lies definitely on the white parts of the hair: Center, contrast, and the most (visible) detail. From your last comment, I think the white hair shouldn't be as present as the red parts though.

While I do think, that the numbers are a nice touch, it took me some seconds to realize that it's numbers in the first place, instead of rain or moon rays. Maybe you could use a second color for some to make the viewer's eyes rest on them longer? DrakanThinking

I would also experiment with the size of the font a bit. It looks good this way, but maybe making every letter a tad smaller/bigger than the one before might be even better?