Re: Writeathon Frequency?

peoconfused Probably not a coincidence that there was Camp NaNo, a Royal Road Writeathon, and a 4thewords Expedition Event all in the month of April. XD

However, would I be correct in assuming there is a Royal Road Writeathon for July and November as well? *planning intensifies* 

Thanks in advance for answers!
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Re: Writeathon Frequency?

There’s usually one for November, and I know of one in March last(?) year, but they probably happen mostly when there’s occasions for them (Like everyone being indoors for an extended time, or when there hasn’t been one in a while).

As far as I know RR doesn’t plan it’s Writeathon based on when other writing competitions occur, other than November being a popular writing event month.

Though the community itself also effects and even initiates a writeathon to occur sometimes. Some RR events like its anniversary and the Holidays do have smaller writing competitions that are more like short story competitions than a writing marathon.
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