Re: LF Any stories with Non-binary, gender fluid, or agender mc

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there were any more stories out and about with main characters (or support characters we see a lot of) that are non-binary. I'm also fine with characters that are gender fluid or agender or even gender non-conforming. A lot of stories with monster/dungeon core mc's tend to have their mc on paper not have a gender (it's a rock, how could it, they think) but it's very clear when reading the story that the author very clearly codes their mc as a guy (ex Super Minion). Other stories have gender bent characters who are either played for laughs (man in a dress) or are just an excuse to write lesbians but not really, so most of them aren't what i'm looking for unless they are also any of the above. 

I'd really appreciate any rec's you can give, they don't have to be on RR either, just so long as they are free to read I'll be more than happy.

Here's a few examples of what i'm looking for (also they are really quite good, so give them a look)

Paternum: A Superhero Story
Exactly what I'm looking for, mc is cannon transgender non-binary and uses they/them pronouns

Jump Sleep
Basically what i'm looking for as far as genderfluid/agender goes, mc hops between bodies of many genders and has been doing so for so long they don't really identify one way or another.

Electronic Pulse
Another excellent example as the mc uses they/them and is cannon non-binary

The Journal of Alexis Greco
MC is i think agender? (maybe gender fluid) and frequently switches between presentations and bodies as she pleases

Anime Girls from Another World
One of the main characters Allison is very gender non-conforming

Ranma 2 in 1
Only kinda matches the criteria, but is still a good read

As far as published books go there's Ursula K Le Guin's "The Left Hand of Darkness" which is a great read and there is an entire species of aliens who don't have any genders. There is also Ann Leckie's "Ancillary Justice" which has an entire space empire who's society doesn't have gender. Both excellent reads and well worth your time (they are probably at the library).

Thanks so much!!!

PS a list of terms:
Non-binary - meaning they don't identify as a guy or a girl and often use neo-pronouns like they/them, ei/eir, xe/xem, e/em
Genderfluid - meaning their gender frequently shifts around, sometimes more masculine, sometimes more feminine, often neither
Agender - meaning they don't really identify with a gender at all, often they will pick some pronouns and a presentation and stick with it just for convenience sake, but they don't really identify with it.
Gender Non-Conforming - meaning they have a gender they identify with, but they don't present themselves in the society standard way for that gender (ex boys who like dressing up in dresses, and skirts and makeup, or girls who like wearing mustaches or shave their heads)

Re: LF Any stories with Non-binary, gender fluid, or agender mc

Dwarves of Appalachia has a non-binary main character (Jamie) that uses the pronoun they. 

I would also recommend my fictions, however, they are still fairly new (less than 10 chapters and less than a month old) and I'd rather you be able to sink your teeth into the reading. *looks at future notes for Cloudlark* Yeah, I'll wait for now, but I think you'll enjoy meeting the crew once I get them assembled. :)

Thanks for the recs!

Re: LF Any stories with Non-binary, gender fluid, or agender mc

Awakening Chronicles ( features a human who transcends and becomes agender.

Worth the Candle ( has a hermaphroditic side character ||that was designed by the MC prior to him waking up in the world|| and touches on the idea of gender constructs in a few different places throughout the story

Re: LF Any stories with Non-binary, gender fluid, or agender mc

I don't know if this will fit what you're looking for, but my series, Serpent's Kiss, will have a number of trans, enby, and GNC viewpoint characters as the story unfolds. However, it is an epic space opera, and so it's going to take a while to get to the parts where they show up. It's also got some graphic sex--not sure if that's your thing. In the early part of the story so far there is an agender side character, but they aren't doing much quite yet.