Writing poetry in a foreign language is not so easy, so be lenient with my new/old creation. Today it will be introduced to the world for the first time.

A sense of Life

Have you ever seen the world so bright,
so pure, and innocent, and new,
bathing in the first rays' light?
Tell me, oh, my friend, have you?

Have you ever felt the sun so warm,
like your mother's gentle touch;
goldening the after-storm?
Tell me, have you felt that much?

Have you ever smelled the fragrance light
of early-blooming summer flowers - 
giving you such peace of mind,
giving you unearthly powers?

Have you ever known the taste of love
filling you with such devotion - 
sweeter than a sugar dove,
deadlier than any potion?

Have you ever heard the voice of time
whispering of days long-past,
telling you about your crime -
fairy dreams that never last?

And if you have, then you should know
that life is not so gray and pale,
but it's a larger, stronger flow
than any doubt and sadness frail.  



ArDeeBurger Wrote:
Gary Wrote: Unrequited love.
Aww... That's a sweet poem!  😺

Thank you.  Hopefully any work that follows will be less depressing.
Trying to work some things out.  I have about a dozen different stories to put together and inflict upon the world, but life (full time student, wage slave, entrepreneur, husband, and boyfriend) stretches you thin.


I think it's time for a new Bio Poem on my Profile Page! Don't you?

    May my love inspire greatness.
    May your God lift up your heart. 
    May the future glow before you. 
    May we never be apart. 
    May the memory of this moment 
    Live within us evermore. 
    Let me let you take me with you 
    So I may be forever yours. 

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and may the New Year glow before you!
Happy Holidays!  😁


I sought the fire and found the Shouting hounds of hate. Their howls haunted me until I had not much left to give.

Any help that could be offered I'm afraid is now too late. The ashes no longer know how they are to live.

laughter in the mourning, sorrow in the night, broken in the afternoon by others who cry.

The scape of the Shadow-man is nothing but plight, his calling is to make all living things die.

HA! they said to me, the angels of smoke. they knew something of which I was not aware.

Hope comes only after you are broke, after the storm comes the suns brutal glare.

After the lying, the dying, the begging for your life and not getting what you asked.

After the narrow chance you had to ever change the face hiding below the smiling mask.

After the day is over and you feel the hell, the faith is dead and the light as well.

Then to my dismay, my sick stomach got sicker. 
the angel of light turned into the angel of flicker.
then the angel of glow, with one final yawn,
looked brave as it changed to the Angel of Gone.

ANGEL OF GONE:- written by me. 
 thank you for reading.


Eyes open to the sight of reality.
I wake up to the light of holy.
Dress myself and work the fields.
Return home to my warm family.

Eyes opened to the sight of beasts.
I woke up to the light of feast.
Pissed myself and ran away.
Cries of kids made legs sway.

Eyes opened to fight reality.
I woke up to the darkness of futility.
West I headed and hid in the fields.
Returned to no home, to no family.

Wandered into a big city.
Begged the rich for some pity.
Fought the beggers to be fed.
Lied and snitched to see a bed.

Dived dungeons and killed undead.
Meaningless life no path ahead.
A light came through to be led.
She smiled and said I would be wed.

Love and happiness filled my life.
Then I got stabbed by would-be wife.
I cried and asked why she lied.
Laughed and snickered she was sly.

She dragged me down to the basement.
Onto an altar like a gift to be sent.
Screams and cries filled the room.
She grinned and said I must repent.

Blood flowed down the red altar.
My sight blurred and tears dried.
'I was decieved! I was lied!'
My eyes closed and then I died.


A poem inspired by my book. Risky sailing.

Gabe what have you done, you've put your soul on the bid.
The roulette wheal has spoken and called your bluff.
Now your potential has no more lid.
but don't think you've won for the seas ahead are rough.

If a man bets his soul to the devil he is a sinner, but if the devil loses than the man is a winner.

A savior, a champ, a hero and king. His tale will live on as a Folk favorite to sing.

perchance he would have lost and lost all hope as well. But instead he outdid the Mechinations of hell.

should we applaud or denounce, should we interfere or just watch...? The unearned victory of the unpaid cost.

Let us at least debate the question and path we would take, would we wager ourselves for high enough stakes...?


I think it's time for a new poem over here!

I've recently changed the poem on my Profile Page to THIS: 

In my world I got right and wrong.
I know chapter title verse,
I get the meaning of the song.
All that’s out the window since the day you came along.
Nothing seems the same to me now that you are gone.

I got a picture on my soul
To remember to confess to
On the day that I grow old.
No one sees inside me, no one see the things I own.
No one knows the strings about my heart that you control.

New home – New city
New love – It’s a pity
New home – New city
No you – It’s a pity

I'm uncured, flash-fried over you.
I shuffle cut the deck I draw the
Tower Empress Fool.
I love all the sinning that we do.
But no one wants to sin with me.

Nobody but you. 

So-o-o... what do you think?😸


Here's one I wrote a month ago. It's not the best but I'm trying.


A sound with drums and guitars
Another humming about stars
A song of faith and hope
And another of gloom and mope

A song who gives hope to the hopeless
And a song who gives sight to the sightless
Two lullabies trying to show through their eyes
But now they see through each others

Two sights combines to see the full picture
Now they stay together like a new mixture
Two best friends just you and me
Can now look together across the sea
For now I, see what you see

Our two songs brought together
Singing together to make another
Now it sings a lullaby 
As we see each other eye to eye


Title-The Summit

A sigh leaves my mouth as I finally climb the final step
With frozen hands and tired eyes I gaze at the view from the summit
But instead of being in awe, I’m mesmerized by all the prep
The pain running through my body and mind, was this worth it?

The work was hard and I’m glad I persevered
However, the sacrifices are what I put into question
I hoped achieving the goal of the summit will clear up all I feared
Though all I can feel right now is a cruel depression

Emotions are welling up inside me, but there's nobody to talk to
The only thing other than me is the frigid wind
I hoped for something different, but at the top there's nothing new
Like the air, my patience has finally thinned

Can I go back and tell everyone all that I regret
Do I have the courage to tell them I was wrong
Should me and the wind keep playing our lonely duet
I wonder if anyone will hear our song

Hope you all enjoy ;)


Seems appropriate for this crowd, a tweet i saw out of context felt ALMOST like the opening of a poem, so i cleaned it up and expanded it. 

On Editing

Did you know that an author will edit their book
Removing some words while adding in others
Did you know that a writer will take a second look
While pulling their hair and cursing their mothers?

Oh yes that empty page is a bane and a curse
An albatross hung round the neck with paper chains
But a page filled with words is a leaden purse
To turn compost to rich soil takes and gives great pains


Mirror’s Depth

Be careful how you grasp that mirror
The glass can cut deeper than the ice of the ninth circle 
Yet it still fails to capture the simple vastness of the sky

All it shows is an afterimage from a moment ago
Even then anything shapeless is beyond its scope

Fret not
Only turn it over 
And see what there is on the other side

A mirror only shows the surface
In anything else you can find your true self


Small Time, Part 2
I reach my hand out from beneath my umbrella, my shield from the soft rain.
I watch as tiny puddles form on my palm that slowly coalesce into a little pond in the very center.
An image opens into my mind, an image of a lake in the forest, tucked away from the eyes of mankind, teeming with life and beauty.
My hand returns to my side, the pond shrinking as it forms twisted rivers that wind their ways down my fingers to the tips, dripping off little by little, the water joining it's kind at last in the slippery asphalt.
I move onwards, my footsteps disturbing the reunions between waters.


Wrote this in the middle of the night once cause I was kinda pissed at myself.
A Thought
I’m sitting alone at night as the fan blows on my face.
A thought comes to mind.
It could change the world, it could make me famous.
It’s late, and I’m cold. I turn the fan off and pull my comforter up.
What was it?


Wrote this 10+ years ago, but it's one of my favorites; 

Midnight dancing
Around the fire
Shadows playing
Amongst the grass
Dancing, dancing
Make the flames go higher
Fire! Fire!
Burning bright
In all our souls
This starlit night
In our eyes
We do see
Tiny Sprites
Dancing with glee
Join us! Join us!
Spread your wings
Raise your arms
Dance as if
Your feet are springs
Sway to the breeze
Jump with the flames
Dance your heart out
If you please
Morning comes
All too soon
But we will meet again
With the rising of the Moon