Hey, I'm new around here. You can call me Wonder and I love writing, doesn't matter if its stories or poetry.

Super 3

Exploding stars,
slow motion cars,
moving fast along the cosmos streets.

Cloaked identity, I'm nobody,
nobody, but somehow I loiter,
loiter, celestial alchemy.

It rises from these pores, a voice
heard from centuries before,
this past life of a renegade.


Hey hey, Peeps! I have a new Bio poem on my Profile Page!
To wit -- 

If I came to you with my dreams
Of hope and love and you,
Would you call them all just crap,
And tell me that we're through?
Or would you throw the past away—
Those crazy things we'd do—
And give me one damn chance to prove
The love
From me
Is true? 


Wrote a poem for my fiction. It's not really plot relevant (or is it...), but it's the first poem I've written in a long time

A verdant dream made corporeal,
A house of green, no walls to seal;
A prayer mat upon which I devote,
An orison that has no words, hits no note;
A wonderful death, a joyful demise,
An emerald abyss to which all life flies;
A selfless giver, an avaricious thief,
An arbiter of war, an advocate of peace.

I came upon a garden,
And the world went silent, seeming struck dumb;
I gazed upon a garden,
Verdure consecrated under the Sun;
I walked upon a garden,
Life and death, together in equal sum;
I wished upon a garden,
Thus, all the world became one.
  • Excerpt from “Musings of the Sun”


Thanks to the mod that told about this threat! 

Ok, this is a poem I did to practice my English and my poem skills. It's also the most simp Poem I had ever written, dedicated to all the V-tubers that are hard-working out there. Thanks for reading!

Virtual Lady

She is behind a screen

as I smiled, she smiled at me

playing games

giving words to encourage those in need

I can see all that happiness flowing right in front of my screen.

But most just let it all pass

because fun is all they want to have

Sing, virtual lady

As we use your beautiful voice to stay awake on a late college night.

Laugh, virtual lady

As someone out there is in need of company beyond the shadows of the coolest winter nights.

Be human, virtual lady

As your stories of a virtual life come and go; we don't mind if they are real or not

Goodbye, virtual lady

As another date with you is ending, and I can just give one last smiled

I thank you once again for your company in this late dark night.


Man i love poetry! let me try! let me Try!

noises, scattered and broken like the fragments of my mind. places remembered, but so far back they're hard to find. 

shadows, people, figments of what I thought they were. heroes, and nothings, fill the corners of the endless blur.

YOU are not alone, it's scary now but soon you'll know. it get worse with every groan of pain the victor never shows.

Have you prepared yourself for the ride? 

Curses ring, echoing off the course of solid stone. bones of stinging deaths lie deep in the seeping silo's home. forget it, lit drunkards line dead streets stunted by the stench of cobbled walls. The wilting plastic windows peeking into sacred halls. The suffering of sufferers shines dark on the dried dying sinks of slums I've never been to. didn't you say we should fix the fakes and phonies of the fated fallen family? lies the politicians tell, blasphemies the harlots yell, yellow skis of endless hell, bellow in the houses. prices steep like mountain tops, land too good to not let rot, waiting for your funeral plot, lots of hate arouses. 

steaming ears of maddening belchers beckon me away, the darkness sure has found a horrid place to stay. and yet... and yet... and yet I've learned that the stench of blight, is just a blanket of endless light. so I will leave today.


It is time for a new Bio Poem! Check it out on my Home Page. 

Si tu m'aimais, et si je t'aimais,
Oh! Comme je t'aimerais!
On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur
Comment à être aimé,
Et d'être L'amour.
If you loved me, and I loved you,
Oh! How I would love you!
Only with the heart can one clearly see
How to be loved,
And to be Love.

Vive les poèmes d'amour! How's my French?
It can't be any worse than my Japanese, right? 


My attempt at some themed haikus.

Seven Deadly Haikus 

A glorious feast.

To eat and eat and… vomit

to continue on.


You are not better;

I am, look at what I've done.

I’m superior.


Take it in, more, more,

there is so much more to have.

Things, not happiness.


How can you get all

the luck? I’m miserable,

I want what you have.


Beautiful person,

your body, I want it. We

need not regret this.


Motionless action,

Not moving, not thinking, not

anything but still.


I will scream bloody

murder! Injustice shall be

known! This car is slow.


The Many-Faced Man

A man of many faces walked all alone,
never having known the face that he owned.

A mask was what he wore, outside and in
Because his was a face they never let in

Not accepted nor liked, he changed out of spite,
And now his face was gone from his sight.

"Who are you?" Many men ask,
and each time the man is taken aback.
He'd answered the questions of many a man,
but never had thought for the man in the mask.

Who am I? He thought to himself,
to have all the answers but to questions of self.
"I do knot know," he answered the men.
"I do not the what kind of man that I am."


Title: Difference.

One above, and the other below
The difference isn't clear to see
Their place decided generations ago
Somehow still deciding who's free

One is wealthy, the other is poor
The difference is clear to see
Since when did birth decide one's worth
And who they are meant to be

One is favoured the other neglected
When one watches closely, one can see
One party's wishes are always rejected
Told that worse things would happen, you see

One has surplus, one has great need
The difference is clear to see
Forced to steal from the others greed
Caught btwn the devil and the deep blue sea

One is a person, the other is too
When will they ever come to see
That they are all one people, not two
And realize all they could've been.


This is inspired by talking with my past self in discord.

When you are going to die.
You finally sigh.
"Time sure flies."
The tower we built.
"It's so high."
The friends we met.
And the ones we made.
Can fill the whole world.
"It's time to say goodbye."
The first love you felt.
And the last orphan you fed.
They all mourn your death.
"For a little while."
And alas they fled.
Revealing their lies.
It's so lonely.
To be alone.
All you have left.
Is dust and bone.
"Where is everyone?"
"When I need them?"
"Why did they leave me?"
"This lonely old gem."
You feel nothing after a while.
It's just a few decades.
But it still remains.
The feeling to eradicate.
"What did I do to deserve this?"
And God answered.
You feel confused and furious.
"Then why...? Why? Why? Why?!"
But God stayed silent.
You finally realized it.
The true meaning of this world.
"So it's that! You monster! You are not God! You ar-"
God waved his hand and you heard yells.
People gathered around.
With a story or two to tell.
The priest opened his mouth.
And said his words.
"God has sent this soul to hell, for it is evil. It plans to corrupt innocent people with it's filthy lies, even still it is pitiful, may God have mercy on it's soul."
"May God have mercy on it's soul!"
The people cried.
You feel speechless at this sight.
And finally sighs.
"No one can see the truth."
Because 'God' is too sly.


NickXenix, a wise name.
Go adventurer, and gain some fame.
Plenty of beasts, and monsters to tame.
we hope you enjoy, this simple game.
I like to tell you, that armor is needed.
Or else other players, will come and feed.
Follow the others, or give yourself the lead.
When you're travelling, make sure to look and read.
Buy and sell items, to gain some gold.
Lower the price, to rain some sold.
If you don't have enough, you can still borrow.
Though you better return, or you'll be in sorrow.
we hope you enjoy, this simple game.
but if you lose, don't give us the blame.
get gud kid, and stop being lame.
you say we're shit, but you're just the same.
we like to tell you, that armor is needed.
or else other players, will grow like weeds.
burn the farms, destroy the seeds.
dance to the tune, dance to the beat.
buy and sell items, to gain some gold.
or steal from others, if you're that bold.
but don't be hasty, you need to hold.
remember the words, that I just told.


Someone is watching.
Over you.
Someone is here.
To look out for you.
If only you know.
That someone is here.
If only you know.
Who it is.

Someone is watching.
Out for you.
Someone is here.
Next to you.
If only you saw.
What they did for you.
If only you saw.
What I did for you.

Someone is taking.
Care of you.
Someone is there.
To see, that you have no clue.
If only you knew.
If only you knew.
That someone is there.
To take care of you.

Someone is standing.
Guard for you.
Staying in shadows.
To watch over you.
I wish you knew.
What they did for you.
That they can only think of you.
But that's just a dream.
(That's just a dream~)
(That's just a dream~)
(That's just a dream~)
That'll never be true.


Title: I'm alright without you.

When the sky, is alight.
I see you, in my sight.
I'm okay, I'm alright.
I hug you, oh so tight.

Read a book, and then write.
I feel sick, i'm aright.
It doesn't matter-if I fight.
You still look, oh so bright.

I watched you leave in the night.
Entered a car to your right.
Then the car turned on it's lights.
And left me alone in plight.

I see my eyes that are dim.
Then at my face that is grim.
I cried tonight when I thought, of you.

It is still raining tonight.
I see no one in my sight.
I'm okay, I'm alright.
I hug my pillow so tight.

Read my book, and then write.
I feel sick, I'm alright.
It doesn't matter if I'm right.
I still look, oh so bright.

I searched for internet sites.
Distract myself from what's right.
I cried myself tonight with-out you.


Title: Truthful Lies

I wanna tell you.
I wanna tell you.
The truth is I lied.
The truth is I cried.
When you left me.
That I cannot see.

I should've stopped you.
When we're still together.
Now all that's left.
Are ashes and feathers.
Now I am deaf.
I cannot hear.

I wanna tell you.
I wanna tell you.
The lie is I died.
The lie is I sighed.
When you left me.
That it cannot be.

I shouldn't stop you.
When we're still together.
Now all that's left.
Are facts and tatters.
Now I am safe.
I cannot fear.


The path we walk

To be decisive.
And to follow your own heart.
To hold fast.
Even if the whole world grows dark.

I cannot help, but give praise.
Even if you dream of the mundane.
As long as you are strong, and don't give in to disgrace.
You are great as others, on this worldly plane.

Even if I seek transcendence.
And leave behind the decadence.
We shall always come together to talk.

Because even if I go left.
And you choose to go right.
This is merely, the path that we walk.


one more!!! here we go. this one's called: A letter to a lover.

hey there sunshine. your golden curls beam across the room as though time and space were only when and whim.

your gentle smile feels warm on my face as you wake and arise from the bed we share.

why do you smile like that...? could it be that you are satisfied with me as partner? 

if only my insecurities would let me dream of such a reason. 

if only my cloud of doubt would let me even ponder it. 

how could the goddess of graceful motion breath in my stench and smile like that?

how could the angel of beauty not turn her face away from me?

have I told you that I love you? you with your smooth laugh that slides down my ears like warm water.

you with your tangible breath, that brushes the fog away from my mind.

I don't mean to doubt your love back, or to say that you lie. I just...

I just need some more time to accept the miracle.


Unrequited love.

This was written as a love letter from a dying man to a woman who was much more than a friend, but stated that she could never return his love.
It was going to be part of a sci-fi story, but I thought it was a little too much for a what should have been more of an infatuation than a true love.

Any comments or constructive criticisms are welcome.  Or, reference to a more appropriate forum to post to.
I am really not a writer, not even an amateur writer, I just have a bunch of stories rattling around in my head.

The Moon Goddess

Her eyes a stormy sea
Tempestuous and grey
Those eyes gaze down upon me
Furious and fae

Those eyes gaze down upon me
My barren soul laid plain
Her eyes a stormy sea
My love a drop of rain

Her lips are honeyed wines
Full of hidden pain
Upon my heart her smile shines
Her lips a ruby stain

Upon my heart her smile shines
And rends apart my will
Her lips are honeyed wines
I can never take my fill

Her soul a warm embrace
Healing all of pain and fear
Her heart and soul are full of grace
Though pain has measured dear

Her heart and soul are full of grace
My heart is in her hand
Her soul a warm embrace
A pain my heart can't stand

Her beauty is the moonlit night
Stark and cold and free
None have beauty in my sight
Unless that sight be thee

None have beauty in my sight
Her gaze has pierced my soul
Her beauty is the moonlit night
Her restrained love my goal

Shine your light upon homes path
At my hearth I hope her soon
Spare my heart lost loves wrath
My little Goddess of the Moon.