Re: Max dimensions for cover


DexyBentai Wrote: Hi,
I don't think the size matters much, as long as it is in the same proportions. I'd just try to upload it, and if it's too large, you can easily change the size with mspaint.

thank you i figured it out once you said the dimension thing.  however i had to create a new cover because it didn't look right when I did the dimensions on the old ones.  But i like the new cover much more now.

Re: Max dimensions for cover

There is a problem with what you want, and that is resizing.
Resizing will always reduce quality of a picture, there is almost no way around this. And this goes especially for shrinking, which is what will happen if you place a cover larger than 400x600.

It is much better to use two picture, one reduced as best as you can to the 400x600 for the cover listing, and one as large as you want to be placed in the first chapter as the full quality title picture.

As for reducing the cover to 400x600 - you need to resize instead of crop if cropping does not help you enough.
That way you decide what methods to use for resizing and what quality loss is acceptable to you. If you place a larger cover in royalroad the webserver will resize it for you and you'll have to accept the result without any say in it.