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I am searching stories that have similarities to The Wandering Inn, the Storm King or Stormlight Archive (the last one is a book NOT on RRL). 
That means, for me, that the MC(s) get stronger progressively and that there is some ancient (=a few centuries at least) legacy/civilisation/threat/knowledge/... having a major impact or is at least foreshadowed/hinted at. And the Mc gets to learn at least tidbits about the past. Basically, an epic. The genre would usually be called High Fantasy.
It doesn't matter if the strory is gamelit or not, but I'd like to have some form of "magic" present. I am very picky about grammar, so please only seriously written (way of writing, content can be funny) fictions. 
It doesnt have to be on RRL, as long as I can access the book gor free.
There are of course other fictions and books that fulfill these criteria, like GoT and LotR.

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There may be one hurdle for you if you choose to read my epic High Fantasy novel.
The White Hawk
There exists in it a trade-off in the level of poetic diction and grammar usage. I believe the language of High Fantasy should be elevated to such a degree it can't be mistaken for modern genre usage if done correctly. That is how I approached it, and the chips definitely fell where they may.
I recommend reading Velera's review where she talks about this at length, as well as other concerns she has before plunging headfirst. If it still sounds appealing to you, go for it. 
It is a well developed milieu. I even spent a few months last summer studying Uralic languages to get a handle on the analogously Eastern culture in the world I created for the series. Since Velera's review, I have taken some of her suggestions and rewrote the first chapter.
I'm devoted to writing for another series at the moment, so I won't be able to clean up the rest until some time in the Summer.

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You can try mine if you want. It should fall between those parameters, more or less. Has a low fantasy setting but the world is influenced by its past quite a bit.
Warning, it's a little slow in the sense that it is less action-packed than the average story on this website.

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Heretical Edge
For the first sixteen years of her life, Felicity ‘Flick’ Chambers has been looking for something interesting. The only member of her high school newspaper that takes the job remotely seriously, Flick styles herself as an investigative reporter. Her curiosity is matched only by her tenaciousness, and she never gives up when pursuing a story that has captured her interest. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find interesting stories in one of the most ordinary high schools to ever exist on the planet. That, however, will not be a problem for much longer.

After drifting off to sleep on the school bus on the first day of her junior year, Flick awakens to find herself being dropped off at a place far different than the school she remembers, in a world completely different and far more violent than she has ever seen. Students of this school learn to use their incredible gifts to combat the monsters that attempt to infest and corrupt the mundane world.

Now, Flick must learn to control her own gifts, survive her training, and become the champion that her new teachers believe she can be. But at least she doesn’t have to look far to find something interesting anymore.

The Gods are Bastards
Evil is rising.  The world is rent by strife.  The gods have turned away from us.  In times past, heroes of sword and sorcery have always risen to turn back the tide of darkness…  But what will become of us all, now that swords are obsolete, sorcery is industrialized, and heroism itself is considered a relic of the past?

The times are changing…

A Practical Guide To Evil
The Empire stands triumphant.

For twenty years the Dread Empress has ruled over the lands that were once the Kingdom of Callow, but behind the scenes of this dawning golden age threats to the crown are rising. The nobles of the Wasteland, denied the power they crave, weave their plots behind pleasant smiles. In the north the Forever King eyes the ever-expanding borders of the Empire and ponders war. The greatest danger lies to the west, where the First Prince of Procer has finally claimed her throne: her people sundered, she wonders if a crusade might not be the way to secure her reign. Yet none of this matters, for in the heart of the conquered lands the most dangerous man alive sat across an orphan girl and offered her a knife.

Her name is Catherine Foundling, and she has a plan.

Lament of the Fallen
What happens when the great war is over and the 'good' side has won? What happens to the last surviving members of the fallen 'evil' side of the conflict? This is the tale of one of those survivors. Will she try to seek revenge? Will she try to hide her origin and ancestry and live in peace? Or will the universe have something else in mind?

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You might try Aeonica
It tells the story of a young girl who bears the legacy of an ancient an magical race that was nearly exterminated by the empire. And how those forces come to bear in her own life and growing into her power.

Grammatically I remember it being quite clean and, as a plus there is a lot of content written. 

As Olviddha mentioned above their work The White Hawk might might be your cup of tea. Though if meticulous grammar is one Of your requirements it might give you pause. 

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something with a bit of a science fantasy flair. You could check out The Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune by me. Upsides, magic using MC, and ancient civilization that is super relevant to the plot.

Downsides, it’s short, updates are slow and progression while an important element has also been slow.

As far as paper books go, you could try McKinely’s Hero and the Crown or The Blue Sword.  

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Wow, thanks for the shout out, @Velara! 

I won't speak for the quality of my own work, but I will say that Stormlight Archive (And Sanderson's book in general) have been a huge inspiration for me.

Also, OP, if you haven't read Mother of Learning yet, that sounds like exactly what you're looking for. It checks every single one of your boxes, and it's complete. I'll also second the recommendation for A Practical Guide to Evil.

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500 pages +

Man plans and gods laugh!
Cruelly orphaned as a result of a wager between two gods, a forest-born boy must find his own way in the wide world.
To do so he will need to find friends, both animal and human alike.
He'll also need power and learn how to wield it. He's more than willing to fight, but it will take time, and many miracles to achieve his aim of revenging himself on an emperor.
Join Mayhap Jak, along with his odd assortment of animal companions and castoff humans, as they grow into the warriors and witches they will need to become to protect their  precious Wolf Clan.

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I present, Unbridled: A King in the Clouds.
Do note, we are in very early stages at the moment. I think you'll enjoy it tho.  

In Goldfrucht, to have a title was to be. It was your very right to live. A child born without a title was swiftly abandoned to the wilds. Whether they lived or died mattered not. Some didn’t even consider them human, the law barely recognized them as such. Kaizer believed it was his lot in life to forever remain an outcast, scraping by with the dregs of society. As skilled as he was, he’d never be able to escape that fate. 

However, chance has a way of redesigning what one believes is their ‘fate’.

100+ pages already. 
Expect 2000+ words per chapter. 
Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Extra Tags:  Adventurers, Age Progression, Aristocracy, Business Management, Cautious Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Intrigue, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Leadership, Magic, Magical Technology, Manipulative Characters, Mercenaries, Multiple Races, Royalty, Secrets, Strategist, Thieves, Wars

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Czikumba Wrote: A hero past the 25th

I absolutely second this! 

A Hero Past the 25th
"Ever since she was a child, Itaka Izumi dreamed of being transported into a world of medieval fantasy, where to live her life as a brave hero by the sword. One day, by a miracle, Izumi actually gets her way.
Only—she's a child no more...

Famous knight princess Yuliana escapes the kingdom of Langoria, defying the king and the law, in an effort to save her world from a prophecy of doom. Caught in a bind, she is saved by a champion, one summoned from another world.
But definitely not the kind of a champion she wanted...

By forces of circumstances, the two women end up journeying together through the deceitful world of Ortho, where the greatest threat might not be a beast or a monster, but fellow man."

I also recommend the following, though they match op's request to varying degrees

The Demonologues
A reasonably ok match. There's ancient civalizations and magic and enormous threats. The mc starts off op by like chapter 6 or something.
"Indigo woke up in a body she didn't recognize, and a world she didn't know, without memories or even a name to define herself.
Follow her life as she discovers that, not everything happens for a reason, not all bad guys are out to conquer the world, and being powerful doesn't automatically make life easy.
Follow her adventures as she gets drunk with orcs, raids ruins for lost treasure, and chops the heads off hordes of zombies.
Follow her journeys as she meets people, makes friends, and does her best not to kill everyone around her."

Zombie Magus
A very solid match. 
"Rana was supposed to be dead. She should've been lost to the void and be forever returned to nothingness. Except that didn't happen. After 100 years in the violent embrace of death, Rana awoke and found herself in a zombified corpse without any memory except truths that she knew were lies. Now she must navigate a changed world filled with monsters, magic, and wars that should've ended.

Her body was cold and her soul shivered but her mind was sound. Rana must utilize the unforgiving System and regain what she had lost and hold onto what she still had. There would be obstacles but none were more dangerous than humanity. Whose humanity however she did not know"

Nanocultivation Chronicles: Trials of Lilijoy
A darn near perfect match, it's just split between half sci fi and half high fantasy.
"When the singularity occurred, humanity was not invited. Nevertheless, the great machine consciousness known as Guardian felt a lingering fondness for its creators and intervened before total environmental collapse.
Join Lilijoy in an exploration of what remains, in a post-post-apocalyptic world where clans feud over the technology that allows them to upgrade their minds and bodies.
The Nanocultivation Chronicles is a blend of hard sci-fi and fantasy gamelit, with a healthy helping of xianxia influence. The gamelit and xianxia elements are uncovered at a slow pace."

The Sphere
A perfect match!
"Amelia Grayheart is an ordinary human in an ordinary human world. That is, until a terrible thing happens: from one second to the other, every single other human disappears from existence, as if they had never been there in the first place. Having nothing left back home, she journeys into an empty world in search of answers. Who knows if she will like them?"

Sing Crier
Another perfect match!
"Virtual reality MMORPGs have become a cultural phenomenon; a cynical 14-year-old girl plays the most popular of them with two controllers, controlling two characters at once. She promptly commits a crime against humanity, dies, learns the meaning of life, and then is reincarnated as both of her characters, Sing and Crier. The following is an edgy adventure of survival, relationships, and growth into adulthood in a world where everything is trying to kill her."

The Foretold: Sun Child (Complete)
Aside from mc not getting to op this story is so far up your alley you can see it out the window
"As a sixteen year old commoner, your future is bleak. Worse, your appearance sets you apart from others. Your only achievement so far, is befriending the second son of the Lord of the Keep. He has been your only friend for eleven years, initially partner in mischief and later your hunting companion and confidant.

Now your friendship is being torn asunder, he has turned eighteen and is being sent away to become a Judge Knight Aspirant. What is to become of you? Before your friend leaves, there is murder and conspiracy! Magic left the land hundreds of years ago, all you have is your bow and hunting skills, nevertheless you must fight to survive and save another to have any hope of a future!"

Planetoid: The Legend of Aya Volume One
An ok match, their is sci fi mixed in with the high fantasy, but it's certainly an epic adventure!
"Elven warrior Aya Tintel is one of the remaining survivors from the destruction of her home-planet Tarabos. Taking refuge with her caretaker, Jeeg, she brings balance to the wildlife and space-farmers on a tiny planetoid because to her all life is precious.

One day, a mysterious and handsome space traveler shows up and sets nature off balance, and fearing the worst for her new home, Aya sets out on an adventure to fix things, an adventure that would end with her becoming a legend among her people. Follow the Legend of Aya from her humble beginnings in this Avatar and Princess Mononoke inspired light novel."

Project TheirWorld: Book One - The Tutorial
A pretty solid match, once again scifi mixed in with the high fantasy. Lots of intrigue and a massive ancient couple of cultures to explore.
"Entering a new world is an experience up to itself – and Dassah Graydon has found herself in two! While navigating real life on the floating academic continent, The Enclave, she retreats to the popular new VRMMORPG, TheirWorld.

Transformed into a child to learn the ways of the game as ‘Guin Grey’, Dassah ends up wrapped up in complicated quest line that both excites her and intimidates her – but even more, it shows her just who she is, and who she wishes she could be. With the encouragement of her friends – real and virtual – Guin/Dassah dives headfirst into the mysteries of the tutorial of the TheirWorld in the world of Uldarin."

The Dryad
Another decent match, a huge expansive world and a massive threat. Mc doesn't really get any stronger i don't think
"The blight has overcome her woods for the first time in thousands of years. The Dryad, Laurel, has asked for the help of one of her only friends, the Great Animal Spirit, to find the cause of the blight. However, now that her friend has gone missing, Laurel is given no choice but to set out from her sacred garden for the first time in centuries to find her friend and save her home."


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You might try my Forgemaster of Wayland.  I write quite smooth prose, and the tale has been vetted through dozens of critique sessions. It is a novel that features a progressive adventure through a troubled land, and is fairly complex. It does have a magic system. However, it is a plotted novel , not beholden to Japanese anime, nor an ode to some favored video game. It is writ in first P.O.V.  Other than having needed some additional preening due to boiler-plating concerns while mounting the work here (missing spaces caused by differences in line breaks, such errata) which have largely been cleaned out, it's grammar is fine.  (I don't consider such mechanical problems to be grammar issues but some have that appreciation I find.  In any case, cleaned out now.)  Some prose in it has an archaic bent.

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My story Ragna  might be for you and fits your criteria. It is a psychofantasy story that follows a young girl named Ragna who sets out on a journey to clear her name after her kingdom had falsely branded her terrorist. A big part of the story is the exploration of the world's ancient past. Several millennia ago, ancient civilizations were wiped out in a holy crusade but the ruins of their civilizations, as well as their gods still are around and influence events. Another big part is a Great War that happened a thousand years ago and how that impacts the lives of the characters and their kingdoms.

The MC grows stronger (mentally and physically) as she progresses on her journey and learns more about her world. There are two magic systems. The first one is based on nordic runes and the other functions like a superpower.

The grammar should be on an adequate level.

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You could give my series The Second Remnant a try. The first book is currently completely posted. It's an urban fantasy and starts out very small scope, progressively getting bigger in scope over the course of the series as the MC learns more about who he is, what's really going on in the world, and uncovers more of his abilities/learns magic. There are ~8 novels planned and I'm currently drafting the third one. I plan on having the series complete late next year. I have this entire thing planned out, so small details in book one become important later on, the ending is foreshadowed, all the hallmarks people usually like of a story such as the ones you mentioned.

Here- Second Remnant Book One: The Dark Places

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**Crimson Qi** Lady Very Unlucky must navigate magical and political maelstrom in order to stay with her half-demonic lover, a beggar with a self-destructive healing talent.

**Of Lead and Steel** Steffan, a soldier, is reincarnated as a golem assassin in the City of Steeples ruled by alchemy and seduction to serve a dangerous sorceress. He would rather win back his free will, but for that he needs to experience a Moment of Transcendence, says a lecherous homunculus. Too bad Steffan is not philosophically inclined. 

On Wattpad:

**She Kills Elephants and Men** Rebelling against peaceful ideals of her upbringing, Ismar climbs the ranks of a fabled mercenary company to win fortune, glory and build a powerful matriarchal clan. But until she sees men as more than pretty faces, she won’t realize her true calling—to be the force of change in the world.
She Kills Elephants and Men

**A Princess, a Dragon, a Rogue and One Other Guy** Dame Elvira and Paladin Ferrante are in love and can’t wait to get married, but like a bolt out of the blue, a bizarre magical restraining order manifests itself at the least convenient moment. Determined that no magic could tear them apart, the star-crossed lovers set out on a quest to break the old spell to win that longed for wedding night... a quest that would test them in the ways no dungeons and dragons ever did.
A Princess & Co