Re: Where do people on RR usually get cover art?

It depends what kind of cover art you want. If you're just posting to RR, the style doesn't matter too much. You can put something together for free or cheap, using stock images or a volunteer artist. It helps if it's eye-catching.

However, if you plan to publish a book, and want it to sell well to a broader audience, then you should work with a professional book cover designer, which isn't necessarily the same thing as a cover artist--those are two separate skills. But, that can cost a lot of money. (For some genres, you can get a good-looking pre-made cover for cheap, but that doesn't work so well for fantasy or sci-fi.)

I commissioned a cover from a professional cover designer, and I like it so much that I've already commissioned a cover from the same company for Book 2 in the series (though I'm still a few weeks away from publishing Book 1). But like I said, it isn't cheap. (Though it counts as a business expense against earned income, come tax time.) My cover doesn't really fit RR's typical style, but that's because it's designed for Amazon--it can fit in with book covers from actual publishers, and wouldn't look out of place.

Re: Where do people on RR usually get cover art?


realitybend Wrote: Thanks, all. I'm currently checking out Go On Write. Looks like I might be able to find something there.

If you don't find a good pre-made at Go On Write, here are some other sites I put on my short list when I was investigating pre-mades:

I ended up buying four erotica pre-mades (only one published so far) from BookCoverZone because it lets you format the appearance through the website.

My commissioned fantasy cover came from Damonza.

I don't have any actual experience with the other sites, other than browsing their catalog, but I looked at over a dozen sites for pre-made covers, and these four plus Go On Write were the best that I was able to find.

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#10 is the place to go, there are thousands upon thousands of artists there, and you can find them for cheep as well, just make sure you are looking at level one or two gigs as that means they have a good rating and have sold a good amount of that gig.

I mean I paid just over $50 for this one, and the artist made it exactly like I wanted. Worth every penny imo: