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Hello hello, I'm CoffeeQuills and *surprise* I'm a new writer on Royal Road. 
Otherwise, I'm a Level 3 Writer with achievements such as: Writes Spec-Fic Bingo (romancehorrorfantasysci-fi, you name it I probably have a story idea somewhere), Publishing Company Went Under, and Fanfiction Is Awesome! 
I'd appreciate any advice for a RR newbie; thank you in advance! (And if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.)
(If there's anyone here from 4thewords (an RPG for writers): Hello fellow Dust Warriors!)

Shoutout to coffee, wi-fi, & ambition! (Nothing would be done otherwise.)
Hello fellow Dust Warriors! ~ May caffeine guide your writing! 
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Re: Timestorm Threw Me in Here

Welcome, welcome.

With the site having both light and dark themes I’m going to have to admit I’m finding some of those colours nigh unreadable.

Looks like your two fictions are off to a great start. Regular posting tends to be the best path to success here so if you keep it up I’m sure your fictions will start to rack up the views. 

Good luck with your fictions, I love the covers you’ve got for both of them, simply gorgeous!
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Re: Timestorm Threw Me in Here

I tend to prefer the dark theme as well, but it’s cookies based to occasionally it resets to the light theme and I’ll go a day or so before putting in the effort to change it back. You happened to catch me during one of those days.

Thanks for the link, I’ve not played around with a premade cover site before, but your books speak for themselves.

Caffeine is definitely involved in the creation of my fiction. Haha