Re: Showing vs. Telling

I use a cinematic sort of approach to my writing, as far as showing is concerned. There are scenes, scenes link together. 
A movie or TV show doesn't show a 24/7 365 day scrutiny of characters and motives. It's perfectly fine to break continuity. 
At the end of Book 2, Katarina rides away from a town, heading towards the next. In Book 3, she arrives at the next town, even though it's like a weeks worth of travel. There was no point in narrating every moment of that trip, just "Set set off down the road" --> "When Katarina arrived, the sun was setting". Travel was implied, and later in the story I made a point to mention that travelling between one city to another took a couple of weeks. 

Telling is fine, just as long as you're not destroying your story with it. There's a lot of inconsequential shit that can simply be "told" away, rather than shown. 
Just... don't go H.P. Lovecraft. That man TOLD up a storm. words words words.