Re: Carson's Writing Prompt Challenge

Every week, I will post a new writing prompt in this thread, both in the post immediately after this one and in a new comment. The challenge is to write out a scene or chapter using the prompt given for that week before I post the next prompt. All prompts official for this challenge will be posted by me, and listed both as a new comment in this thread and in the Prompts listing on here. You don't have to do every prompt, so if some don't interest you, don't bother with it - a new one will be posted every week.

This challenge series has been given approval by site staff, but is not an official challenge - there are no rewards for doing it, though I will give Reputation to anyone who completes the weekly challenge before the next one goes live.

Prompts will come in two styles:

Style 1: You are given a scenario to write about.
  • You can include details of before, during, and after the stated prompt.
Style 2: You are given the opening to the scene, and must continue the scene.
  • You can include details starting with the prompt and following what happens after - but not before.
Once you complete the prompt and post it, post a link to the chapter in this forum. To condense things down and not require going to external sites to view the prompts, all chapters of the prompt you complete should be posted under the same fiction. For a more uniform formatting and ease of access, please abide by the following guidelines:

Guidelines for submitting the prompts:

Part 1: When you write your first prompt, submit it as the first chapter of a new fiction.
Part 2: The Fiction title must include "Carson James Writing Challenge", "CarJam WC", or "CJWC" in it.
Part 3: Chapter titles must include the prompt name or number.
Part 4: All future completed prompts will be posted as new chapters to this fiction, not under a separate fiction
Part 5: Only prompt chapters may be included in the fiction.
Part 6: The story must be tagged accordingly for any mature content.
Part 7: The chapter MUST be posted to the challenge fiction and verified after in order to count as completed.

And again, after completing the prompt and posting it, post a link to it here in this forum to show that you did so.

As this is a challenge, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

Rule 1: Chapters and scenes must abide by the prompt.
  • Rule 1.2: Style 2 Prompts cannot have their openings changed to be different from the prompt, even if you expand on the prompt opening itself.
  • Rule 1.3: Do not edit the prompt for the chapter/post. You can expand on it, but the details of the prompt itself must be present and as stated.
Rule 2: Prompts must be between 1,000 and 10,000 words.
Rule 3: Abide by all site rules and standards.
Rule 4: Mark any chapter with sexual content as [NSFW] in their chapter title.
Rule 5: Keep sexual content in your prompt chapters to a maximum of one every ten chapters.
Rule 6: Do not post prompt suggestions in this thread. If you have any you wish to see possibly be given, send them in a private message to me here on Royal Road. This rule is in place to help keep this thread clean and decrease potential confusion on what the current prompt is.

While this challenge might be for fun, the rules are somewhat necessary to ensure some level of consistency between everyone performing the challenge. I will give bonus points to anyone who manages to create a story using the prompts, and even more bonus points if they do it without skipping any prompts. What are the points for? Absolutely nothing. But if you want to show off your points, then when you link your first completion here, ask me to add you to the list, and I'll add you into a list of challengers with their points listed for everyone to see.