Re: Quarantined? Let's Review Swap

So I'm writing a new story (and I'm looking for new things to read).  I still have two stories to read/review for fun before I can get started on a swap but I can do that pretty quickly.

I'm looking for someone to give me a review/feedback on my non-human lead civilization builder (that will eventually turn into hard science fiction) "Burning Stars, Falling Skies)

Right now there are only about 50 pages up so it shouldn't be too onerous.  I'll read anything (I'm not picky on genre etc) but if I get too many replies I'll try to put a list up here of what I'm reviewing so you'll know what my review backlog looks like.

Update: I've finished my previous obligations and will begin now

To Review

Super Robot Story
Legends of Regalia
A Petal Torn of Shapeless Thoughts
Deployed to Destiny
Doing God's Work


Re: Quarantined? Let's Review Swap


CoCop Wrote: David,

I've been meaning to read your book for a while.  I'm not going to read all of it for a swap (there is a LOT to read).  Can you let me know what a good point would be for me to do the review at?

Haha that's okay. As far as I know, no reviewer has read everything. Although nimbus did read all of Book 1 back when that was all I had posted.

Hmm Chapter 8 is probably my own 50 page mark, so that would be the place to stop if you want it to be 100% fair. Otherwise, Chapter 15 is the end of the first act. :)

Re: Quarantined? Let's Review Swap

Yep. Fellow quarantined here.

I'm currently reading your work. It's really good. I'll drop a review some time later.

Here's a link to mine, but you don't have to review it if you're not interested.

Some tags I'll associate with my work is that its isekai (cliche, I know) and military. If you are planning to review it, I for one am looking for feedback on the writing style and whether or not I was able to keep reader interest despite the rather cliche hook. As of this time the first act has yet to conclude, and the first two chapters after the prologue are kinda slow. I think a good stopping point would be in 01.06 since that's the half-way point of the first act. But if you want to continue past that then feel free to!