Re: Review Kagan's story and he'll review yours!

In other words, my review swap thread.

These seem to fill up quick so I figured I'd start my own. My story is at about the halfway point and I would like some critiques from fellow writers to tell me what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong thus far. At just 59 pages, it should be a quick read and not a major commitment at all.

If you decide to leave me a review, then I'll make it my life's mission to review yours in return, regardless of genre or length.

Here's the link for those interested:

Re: Review Kagan's story and he'll review yours!


Shani Wrote: I began reading your work. Here's a link to mine.

Some tags I'll associate with my work is that its isekai (cliche, I know) and military. If you are planning to review it, you are free to say anything but if you want some specifics then I for one am looking for feedback on the writing style and whether or not I was able to keep reader interest despite the rather cliche hook. As of this time the first act has yet to conclude, and the first two chapters after the prologue are kinda slow. I think a good stopping point would be in 01.06 since that's the half-way point of the first act. But if you want to continue past that then feel free to!


I just finished your story, and I really found it entertaining. Keep up the good work! it was a fun read and got me hooked.

Thank you so much for reading/commenting/reviewing my story Shani, I am beyond thrilled that you found it so entertaining! I am gonna start on reading yours tomorrow morning and will try to have a review up in the next few days.

Re: Review Kagan's story and he'll review yours!


Glacialfury Wrote: My story is a similar length at 60 pages, it's a scifi space opera with power armor. Some aspects of horror to it. I'd love feedback on it to see what I'm doing right and where I could stand to improve. Story is in my signature. I'll read yours tonight .

Awesome, thanks Glaical! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I will start on reading/reviewing yours immediately after I'm done with Shani's.

Re: Review Kagan's story and he'll review yours!


RiahWeston Wrote: Going to try and read your story now. Hopefully I'll have a review up by the end of the day.

If you want to take a look at my story, , please do. It's dessert-themed dungeon core :) 

Really just looking for reviews to help out with online presence, building up ratings/reviews, and getting more readers. Hope you enjoy the story if you do read it.

Thanks so much for checking it out Riah! Really hope you like it.

Of course I'll check out your story! I'm about halfway through Shani's then need to get to Glacial's, but yours will definitely be next up on my list.