Re: op mc adventure novel

Any of Andur's stories.

And I'm absolutely not up to date with the newest stories, so if you don't mind dropped ones (or ones with really long hiatuses), here are a few that fit what you're looking for (most of them are worth the read, even if they were dopped):
Forgotten Conqueror
The Whisper of the Nightingale
I'm a Kitsune?
A Bored Immortal's Adventure with Reincarnation
Dragon Princess and Dragon Princess Reborn
The Beginning, The End and Everything in Between

And on NovelUpdates:
Dragon Life
Demon Noble Girl
Um, sorry, I've been reincarnated
I Said Make my Abilities Average
Evil God Average

Do you any other preferences? Because "op mc adventure novel" is not very specific, almost half of Web novels/Light novels fall into that description.