Re: Thread 3: the diamond boogalie


ShadeHaven Wrote: Yep, hospitals for treating corona patients should be ONLY for treating patients of corona, or else everyone else who is there is susceptible, especially for weakened immune system patients.

Plus, as you said, walking in an area that an infected person even coughed in recently makes you susceptible to infection. 

One of the main issues with the spread is people doing one of two things:

1: Not taking it seriously/not washing their hands. Good hygiene is required.

2: Doorhandles, doorknobs, bars, etc that other people have touched. Open store doors with backs if they use bars, or use cuffs of clothes/jackets for doorknobs, and if you've touched something that a lot of people already have, wash hands and sanitize them.

By the by, have you seen the blow drier up the nose video? The 'way to stop corona'?

No, man.

Is it something serious or a meme?
I'mma check it

Re: Thread 3: the diamond boogalie

Btw, I think you might want to watch the video 'The tragedy of the commons' to prevent our own corona tragedy.

It's by econclips on youtube.

The markets are doing their best preparing, and serving clients, so we should probably be careful.

Canada has hinted at a three-month lockdown though, so if you can plant cotomilli or ginger on your roofs, with bricks or pots, or potatoes on soil during that period in your country, I think you might be better off.

Potatoes have iron, and many benefits, so I would advise you not to underestimate it, and dedicate like one hour or two to tilling and then planting. It might a back-up, but at least, it's one.