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This is my first ever serious story that im writing, and im hoping to get feedback about my writing and readers for this first novel. it's an action-adventure VRMMO story revealed to be another world. The first act has just finished, consisting of 60k+ words, mostly with a ton of action sequences inspired by fighting games. I'm writing Act II of the story as we speak for the hero's journey to finally start. I'm hoping to end the story once it reaches at 30 - 40 chapters. 

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My new story is called Sherds. It's about a student who finds himself in another world, arriving on an archipelago. So, why should you read it and how does it stand out from the slew of stories with similar concepts?

– Worldbuilding and exploration are focused upon. I really like history, particularly that of art, and it shows. Archaeology is a major element, too. 

– The background of the main character, Linus, is actually relevant and comes up throughout the story. 

– Its spelling is consistently accurate. 

– The story has a few rpg elements, but isn't a litrpg.

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Link: Magnus

- Strong, resourceful, ex-military MC(yes his initials are MC) who will need his strength to face his challenges
- VR + Isekai(western-type) concepts
- Science Fiction and Fantasy collide
- An original fantasy world (no orcs/elves/dwarves/etc)
- Internal conflicts feature as heavily as external ones
- Grimdark
- Development and Copy Edited for style, consistency, and grammar correctness
- LitRPG-lite(abilities + progressions, but only a handful)
- The entire first book(100,000 words) is already written and the second is underway, so there is zero chance this fiction will be dropped before then. I have no intention of stopping until the trilogy is complete
- Updates on every 3rd day

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This is the first story that I write, so the first chapters might be rough. Hopefully, each new chapter will be better than the last as I improve as an author.

Transported to another world, with a system that lets you take your fate into your own hands. Inside a dungeon, who knows how far away from human civilization, where the only way out is through. Join Noah in his desperate struggle and find out what this new world has in store for him.

I am REALLY bad at synopses, but give the story a chance anyway.

What I will aim for in my story:  
1. Logical choices  
2. Good character development ( first story, might mess it up :D )  
3.Good worldbuilding (might mess it up as well)
4. I have epic plans for the future (not an actual aim but just saying :D )

Some of the things I will focus on are epic powers( a little later in the story), exciting and descriptive battles and good action as a whole.

What I will avoid like the plague: 
1. Characters' IQ suddenly dropping just to further the story. 
2. Whimpy main character  
3. Stupid situations that can be avoided by basic communication and clearing things up. 
All in all, no generic trash anime protagonist and stereotypes.

Huge thanks to anyone that checks out my story and I hope you have a good time while doing so!

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Legend of the Lost Star

Synopsis: It's in the link, and each volume has their own. 

Read this if: 

1. You're looking for a story that isn't driven just by the main character
2. If you're not looking to be spoonfed and info-dumped from the start (It's a limited 3rd person narrator)
3. If you want a easy to read work
4. If you like consistent characters that are  human  lifelike; logical yet not machines
5. If you want an isekai that explores the effects of bringing other people over 

Over a hundred and fifty chapters have been released publicly, with up to 60 more in Patreon!

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For all the peeps here who love Xianxia/ Wuxia novels with a reincarnated OP MC, please check out my story.

Name: Heavenly Domination

Word count: Around 45000 words/ 140 pages (if I’m not mistaken).


Elements that the story contains/ may contain in the future: OP, male, anti-hero lead who is actually a billion  years old monster in the body of a teenager.
Strategic battles, gods, demons and all sorts of fantastical creatures, almost an endless world with multiple galaxies/universes etc. 

For more check out the link. 
Thank you.

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Optabilis Mundo: Shroud of Black Resort


Mirai Shizuku is a successful fashion designer who works in a prosperous company called QLU INU which has multiple achievements and international acknowledgement throughout Japan and the whole world.

When she meets her marketing director, she passes out due to her stress overload that somehow unconsciously bring herself to the another world which is unfamiliar to her while thinking that she had already passed away from her original world.

Moreover, she finds herself naked and stranded which leads to be unconsciously brought to the slave trading auction and sold herself to the handsome master which turns out to be imperial military commander planning to deliver her to the main capital of the Kross Empire. In result, her virginity has taken by the hands of vile men for a little party.

Moments later, she is saved by a strange woman named Juliette van Vermiculo who is a commander-in-chief of Black Resort and introduces her to the world where the desires can be freely subjugated or justifiable through the depths of their ideology and philosophy.

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Hey guys!

My story is Ascendant Legacy. I'm not great at self-promotion, so I'll post my synopsis and let you know: It's at about 28,000 words. I'm updating close to daily at this point. This is my first draft, but my goal is to finish up Book 1, which should have about 75,000 words, then spend some time editing things before publishing. After that, I'll be working my way through Book 2. 

Synposis: The Dungeon has appeared in the midst of the Modern World. Upon entry to the Dungeon, a person's body undergoes significant changes as they adapt to the System. The Dungeon is a world full of wonders and perils.

This is the story of one of the first Dungeon delvers, Saul Andrews, and his discovery of a nefarious plot that threatens every human in the dungeon!
Lit RPG with progression elements.  

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Here's a link.

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Hi there!

I decided to give this writing thing another go and have had a lot of fun writing The Endless War. It's a story set in a traditional fantasy setting. The story features war and its effect as a major theme and follows the life of various characters. It'll also have a bit of slice-of-life moments and romance if action isn't entirely your sort of thing. And of course some more of my lovely humor. So here's everything that the story has to offer so far:

-Multiple Lead Characters

-Worldbuilding and Exploration of lore

-Character Development

-Awesome Fights

-Sucky, Sucky (eventually)

So, if any of this strikes your fancy then feel free to give it a read and I hope you enjoy it. If not then thanks for taking the time to read it.

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Hello everyone, my story is D&D inspired. It focuses on an adventuring party that is trying to solve corruption within a city. (At least the parts I have written right now) I have only 7 chapters released so far but more will be coming thanks to the competition. I will be trying to reach every milestone.

Also any input about my story is always welcome. I have a very small view/ followers list but I am hoping both this thread and the competition can help me as well.

Here is my story called Heroes of Errand

My story's synopsis:
Every person is unique and each carries different skills and talents that others lack. These skills and talents add their flavours into the lives of others to make it something truly remarkable.
Embark on a journey with a bunch of adventures, who will try their best to make sure everyone has a story worth retelling.
When a body appears at a celebration held in their honour, the Jellybeans are forced into a murder investigation. As the political tension rises and a need for immediate answers loom ever closer, the odds of them getting a noose around their necks tighten by the second.

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Goddess of the Anthropocene

Cassandra Baron is a god. She’s got the awesome powers to prove it. Too bad they can’t keep her out of trouble.

Cassandra is new in the world, so new and shiny that the bubble wrap's barely off. She doesn't care that she makes them anxious, the ancient gods and demons that walk upon the earth. Desperate to save her dying mother's life, she delves into forbidden territories and lore. While seeking out a certain witch, she becomes embroiled in the war within the ranks of one of the oldest races on the planet.

SCHEDULE: Updates weekly, on Thursdays.

Author's Note:

From the looks of most of the stories posted here, I almost feel like I should apologize because this story is neither Isekai nor LitRPG. This main sub-genre of this story is Godpunk. Think something more like Neil Gaiman's American Gods... though probably not nearly as awesome.

Even so, I hope you can enjoy it.

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Hello friends.

The Ordinator is a high fantasy novel in the works, it's not a lit-rpg like I know seems to be the theme on this site but if you like Fantasy I think you'll like this. It follows Rhavin, a budding mage on a quest to find him family with whom he was magically separated from.

I had to take a hiatus for a while when I started due to a lot of life circumstances changing but now I'm working on it again.

Seven chapters so far. I really haven't worked on my synopsis as I'm trying to just focus on the content. If you like Fantasy with strong themes of friendship and camaraderie I think you'll enjoy what I have so far.

Like a lot of these other authors, if you read it I always appreciate comments on what you like/didn't like. Hopefully I can get some feedback similar to beta readers.

Thanks guys!

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Do you want to read an epic fantasy story with great characters and world building? then come along with Zed as he stumbles through the world of Panthera exploring this wonderful world full of mysteries, intrigue and conspiracies as he tries to overcome various challenges thrown at him, be it dangerous enemies or stupid friends, all so that he can uncover some of his own questions. Then you are should definitely check out  Dawn Guard

On a side note, I want to say this is my first fiction so the writing isn't the greatest. So you have been warned

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Ok so my story is called The Immortalai its a fantasy story with typical kings, knights, wars and a lot of magic. The story focuses on a man called Reinlas Harraele and his family as their people evolve over many years and find out about new magics and new creatures while one man grows power hungry and begins to war with a thirst for violence no one has ever seen. Check it out here if it interests you

Im not too good at making a synopsis without giving away spoilers so sorry if this is very vague
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