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Hello all, If i were to post a new story and have them update simultaneously on like for example Royalroad and Wattpad or more, don't know much others yet.

 Is there anything that I need to watch for, hidden traps or is it just paranoia?
 Do I lose anything at all?
 Does it make future publishing harder?
 Can art on one site not be used on other sites?

 Lets face it, royal road only deals with paypal currently.. thats pretty eww , patreon is another story entirely.

Also another question slightly related, is write streams still a thing? Is there anything bad about doing that? Is it a worth while thing to explore?

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While I don’t think there is anything wrong, per se, with posting on multiple sites, it seems to me like your expecting your story to promote itself. An “if I post it they will come” scenario, which isn’t necessarily the case. 

Currently, I am (basically) testing royal road and one other site to see which one I get better feedback from, because that’s what I’m looking for.

 I think it depends on what your expectations and goals are. 

As for “trouble with publishing later”: if you are looking at traditional publishing then yes, absolutely that will cause problems. Posting anything at all online is considered a first publication, and most houses will want “first publication right” which means that they have exclusive access to the story. There are very few exceptions, save for a few holy grail luck stories that became so wildly popular (The Martian, for one) they got picked up for second runs at traditional houses. 

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linaket Wrote: --

Its more like I just want a wider audience, I'm not really interested in an ongoing story to become popular, thats pretty embarassing in my opinion only of course. I would just do it to get the benefits of such sites in the terms of critics, feedback and suggestions and possibly connections in terms of a community.

If its finished, edited and spruced up, then ill consider a real exposure attempt, I'll admit I don't quite understand your reply about the publishing part. Lets say I finally finish the story after like a year of ongoing, got it all uploaded on these multiple sites and everything complete. The next action to rewrite it all with proper knowledge and editing based off all I've learned. 

The final version being the one I plan to sell I guess that will not be on any of the sites I started writing on, (maybe the first few chapters for obvious reasons will be updated) Is there any issues I should look out for? 

-- I know the quality vs quantity argument applies to this situation but thats something that is just answered by personal bias, I'm looking if there is just something thats gonna screw me over if I post it in multiple sites, of course the popular only ones, before the whole thing is finished.

Feel free to pick apart my questions, I don't need one answer for everything.

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Hmm... well if what you are interested in is critics, feedback, and connection, then it's probably better to focus on one site. I don't know how much free time you have, but to get those things you have to give and build your own reputation. For instance, when I used to get really great comments/critiques, I'd have to give out roughly 10 for every 1 I'd get back. The way different sites are set up, sometimes it is just easier to focus on one and figuring out the best way to go about getting what you need from the community that exists there, instead of trying to break into a bunch of different ones.

(Also make use of your pre and post chapter notes here on RR--asking a specific question about a chapter/story gives your readers something to give you feedback on.)

As for publishing: even if you edit and learn from what you receive, if the story is still fundamentally the same, it might be a hard sell for a traditional publishing house. That's not counting self publishing, like in e-pub or on amazon. You can always do that no prob.

I mean, nothing is going to "screw you over" if you post on multiple sites, that's just your personal preference. I, personally, get a headache just thinking about trying to juggle multiple platforms so it just wouldn't be what I would do. But it is different for everyone.

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The danger of multiposting is Webnovel.
It generally helps your exposure to be multiposting and spreading all over social media, especially interacting on more directly social platforms like Discord with your readers, but there are people and bots going around plagiarizing content every now and then. Webnovel is notorious for this, so maybe avoid webnovel in particular.
Also, every site is slightly different, and how well you know a sote can effect how well you can utilize its systems to promote your books. Knowing the communities helps especially. Fics with cat themes in the title tend to do better on RR I have seen. Wattpad’s algorithms favour Completed fiction and overall are a complete mess. Fictionpress has issues with promoting books but some books do well on there (through self promotion probably) and WebfictionGuide is supposedly largely inactive at is point.

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Besides plagia, WebNovel also has another major issue, it's that you basically give them the rights of your story, so I wouldn't recommend you to post there ever, especially if you intend to publish your story later on.

Besides this, I see no issues with multi posting. It widens your audience and thus, expands your reader base. The only downside I can think of is the time it takes to manually post your chapters (not every platform has an automatic release option like RRL) or edit them (there also can be a few differences in the formatting from one site to another).

Wattpad's algorithms are indeed a bit of a mess. It's not easy to shine as a new story. My reader base exploded within a week on RRL, but on Wattpad, it took me days to earn only one reader. And only once you actually have a good amount of views (it can take months), your story really starts to be promoted by Wattpad's algorithms.
If you still want to post on WebNovel, you can expect a lot of feedback. For having published on both RRL and WebNovel, I noticed that Webnovel's community is more prone to review your story while RRL's community is more prone to comment it. But both communities are generally pretty active.
There is also ScribbleHubs. I haven't tried it yet, but it does seem to be flourishing.

As for publishing your story later on, there will be no issues (except with WebNovel, once again). But keep in mind that most publisher will want to have exclusive rights to your story, so you will have to take it down from every platfrom you published it.

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Thank you everyone for your answers, I have enough information from you all to go by and specific things I should look for. I've decided on my game plan and will mostly focus on RR then. Wattpad has this new commenting thing that people can use to help identify all the spelling mistakes or grammar issue and tag them without having to have the author look for it themselves by refering to the comments, so its really helpful from my point of view, but since readership is low, that tempting feature is pretty much useless then.

I'm not sure how RR handles short stories though, I don't really want to start off with a big novel all of a sudden.

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Eichi Wrote: I'm not sure how RR handles short stories though, I don't really want to start off with a big novel all of a sudden.

Royal Road supports short stories, even those that are only one "chapter" long. Short stories are generally more difficult to get attention to due to the site favouring larger, longer publications, but you can absolutely start with one if you want to test the waters. =)

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Krahie Wrote:
Eichi Wrote: I'm not sure how RR handles short stories though, I don't really want to start off with a big novel all of a sudden.

Royal Road supports short stories, even those that are only one "chapter" long.

Thank you very much, I do intend to test the waters using short stories for now.

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A couple of things to note.  Wattpad's content display ( reading the book display) is just a cut down half version of Margin notation, that only allows editing comment by paragraph block and does not point at particular passages or words, a feature of almost every modern wordprocessor. I like true margin notation for critiquing  manuscripts, its a great tool for both the critique provider in going through a manuscript, and for the writer, to manage and update/upgrade the manuscript on return, upgrading one copy from the other. However, you generally have to beg for such aid on wattpad. I'd say about twenty percent of the posts there are begs for critique or such aid.  These sites generally, are display sites. if you want critique and editing aid, you should use critique sites and writer's circles, like critters, that specialize in that, are set up particularly to support it.  Second , traditional publishers want to buy legal first rights. The requirement being no public display. Unless the display site and particularly your material is completely closed from public access, it violates that.  Most display sites make a big  deal out of noting you keep your copyright, but they are legally talking only about your basic copyright, which unless you specifically sign away, which you should never do, you keep even when contracting with a major publisher.  As noted, they will buy reprint rights, for far less money. These policies are laid out very clearly in the submissions areas of every publishers site. Bear in mind publishers want fresh new material only available in any form, from themselves to sell. They are not obligated to buy anything, regardless of copyright considerations. 

One further note: Wattpad is very, very good if you are writing teen age romance novels, or schoolyard YA, and for nothing else. I stayed with Wattpad  for many years, and respect what they do, but what they do is provide a place for teenage romancers.