Re: Interested reviewers for fantasy story

Is anyone interested in swapping stories for reviews? 
I like the usual fantasy/rebirth ones but I can handle a modern/slice of life genre. I'm not too keen on mecha, but I can give a review if it piques my interest. Once you reply, I'll have a look before replying. I'm on RRL usually for two or three times a week so please give me enough time to read and reply.
You can find my story at

Look forward to some nice reads  peoapproval

Re: Interested reviewers for fantasy story

I wouldn't mind reading your story or doing a review swap. 
The story can be found here:
This is the synopsis: "Words are power, Rhianwen, and stories have shaped more than just our reality."

The Gods were cast down long ago, their attackers donning their mantles as their own and shaped reality into what they desired. Civilization and worlds blossomed and died to their whims, as the survivors of the old world struggled to live in another reality altogether or latch onto the hope of being forgotten in the forbidden lands.

Rhianwen who was brought up believing that she was a child of Earth, that she was a direct descendant of the refugees many thousands of years ago, is forced to accept that she was more than that. That life as she knew it was a well-constructed lie.

Summoned to the reality that called to her, she becomes obsessed with learning about her heritage, obtaining knowledge, power, and influence that was lost to the decay of time and the Living God's hatred, and of turning all the realms and reality itself against those who slaughtered and cast down her kind and kin.

Never did she expect to become viewed as beloved by or worse kin to the very beings she loathed in the eyes of the masses due to having the innate powers of the Old World. Nor did she plan for being dragged into attending an academy of a wild range of disciplines teaching commoners and royalty alike subjects like war, diplomacy, skulduggery pursuits and magic.

And of course, she never intended to encounter alleged villains and world destroyers who were little more than lost children, be considered a Savior or Saint by the devout masses, or having the soul of something that called himself such an edgy title as Demon Emperor, bound in her body, but she could already see where she could go with these boons.

Oh yes...

She had her kind's reputation to uphold and rebuild after all, and being both a Saint and a dreaded Sinner fit in well with what she knew of them.

I've been meaning to try your story for a while, though I must warn you that I can be very blunt when reviewing something since I consider all aspects of what I read.
Since I don't have much up of my story at this moment (only been up a week) I will likely be doing the review up to chapter five or ten, if that is alright.
If I continue reading your story, I will likely edit the review later on.