Re: I think I read it on here.

I’m looking for a story I think I read on here and the parts I remember from it make it sound like a fever dream I had.

The main character was transmigrated (maybe) into the body of a student going to a magic school. The owner was a genius but very introverted I think they were also albino. They were super weak though even though they were supposed to know all the theory behind the magic system but obviously the mc didn’t know it. He gets an A.I system installed and gives it freedom to do what it wants. While at school he has to learn how to fight and gets a weapon that I think can shift forms. He ends up getting stuck in a dungeon which he eventually helps destroy but it then killed(ish). He wakes up somewhere else and comes across a facility that was creating clones of which the body he was in is one. While this is all happening his Weapon, pet and if I recall correctly the A.I which was inhabiting the weapon is trying to find him.

If anyone can parse this and recognises what I maybe talking about I’ll be super grateful.