Re: Anybody know a portal fantasy where the MC is evil?


AMARUTU Wrote: Overlord

Dungeon Defense

You've probably read these novels already since they have become pretty mainstream in the past few years but under the slim chance that you haven't I can't recommend these enough. As far as I can remember there isn't anything on this site that fits your bill.

If we are talking about that Overlord by Kugane then I can't help but agree with you. I picked up the first 3 novels of the series and have only read the first one. Thanks for reminding me. I must have gotten side tracked. I'll check out Dungeon Defense.

Re: Anybody know a portal fantasy where the MC is evil?

First time seeing Overlord being specified with "by Kugane" instead of "by Maruyama". I wouldn't say Dungeon Defence has evil MC per se.

The portal fantasy bit is greatly restricting even when people think of evil MCs. But I bet you can find some of those in other various asian novels. I can make some searches if you want cause unfortunately "portal fantasy" is general terms and not a proper tag everywhere, and I can't say anything about the quality except the total rating and rank in some sites.