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Returning to the main topic, I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for, but I've been strongly inspired by Dragon Princess on RRL, and I Said Make My Abilities Average to write [ The Administrator ]. It's not entirely similar, but you might find a similar feeling with these stories.

Thank you so much! I really like your story and I'm supporting you on Patreon. While I wait more chapters to be released I'll check that Dragon Princess story. I have watched I Said Make My Abilities Average anime and I liked. Maybe I'll check that LN too.

Btw. I did find Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos on RRL which is really fun to read. There are also four books released which I bought and read in week! Writing style is similar as yours. In the story Kuroe Makoto Japanese school girl dies and is reincarnated (surprise surprise!) as chaos horror in fantasy setting. She can change herself to look like human being and mostly she tries to go undetected but sometimes she goes rampage. It is really interesting because usually isekai MCs are heroes to destined to defeat Demon Lord. In this situation is opposed. She is the princess of demon lord.

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I didn’t even want to live, but god forced me to reincarnate! has some similarities in terms of reincarnation, powerful abilities, and having a school setting.

Tale of Careless Goddess might end up similar enough with the MC being the first and strongest deity in a fantasy world, and going down disguised as a mortal, but it’s still new and content is still small, as well as a lot of grammar issues.

Crashed Into Fantasy was a popular fic a while back and it has that powerful individual hiding from the world feel.

Goddess of Computation is more strategic rather than living among the mortals but has some similarity.

Wizard of the Flower Blades has that powerful individual hiding/living among normal people feel as well as the dropped into fantasy world thing, as well as the overall humourous tone but with serious moments.

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I did find some interesting webnovels where MC is Goddess in fantasy setting:

I Have Been Summoned as a Hero ...I Am a God Though. Here our world Goddess of Fortuna is summoned to fantasy world to be hero. Summoners doesn't know that she is Goddess and very powerful one compared to their world's Gods. She takes this like vacation for her:

Forgotten is tale of slave which got sacrificed in ritual but ritual backfired and she wakes as Goddess in that world. This has been very interesting tale so far, but in this story she doesn't hide her powers at all.