Re: Will Review for same :D

Hi all,  Newbie writer here, looking for some reviews.  On this

I've only really recently started writing so I know my work definitely has a few issues. (mainly technical or stylistic ones)
But I have reached a point where I feel happy to put it out for reviewing.

So if anyone wants an honest review in return, hit me up with one and ill return the favor.

Negative or positive please be constructive, I've got to learn somehow :D

For those wanting to know what they might be getting into before taking the plunge.

My story is about several people who find themselves reincarnated in a different world. The world is actually an immersive MMO built in 2038, somehow it connects people across time and space who have recently died and reincarnates them upon their death.
The story focuses primarily upon Ria, a photographer but I will be increasing it to more of an ensemble cast of characters in the future.
It does have Menu's and skills and magic and all of that, but a lot of it is obfuscated, the characters in the game have only a small simple interface and limited control over progression.
Leveling is slow and based on a persons actions in the world rather than kills, no one really knows how levels are gained. nor do they understand how the system in general works. it has both inconsistencies and bugs.

I'm stealing a bunch of ideas from stories on RR that I really enjoy :D  such as sentient dungeons, using classes and skills in square brackets and horned rabbits, ect. So you may see some familiar ideas cropping up.

The wandering Inn kind of inspired this story so it's got some skill heavy stuff in the system because I really like the approach taken there. I also really like the mix of action and slice of life so I'm giving that a shot.

Re: Will Review for same :D

I’m also game to do a review swap.
My story is a science fantasy style LitRPG. About a thief who stole the universes luck. If that sounds up your alley.

I’ll probably be frantically editing my own work this weekend, but should have plenty of time to read and review your work early next week. I’m intrigued by the premise of a VRMMO featuring a photographer as a MC (at least at the beginning)

Re: Will Review for same :D

World Boundry's : Meaning  has now been reviewed.  

Currently working on Beeqs's Heaven Falls  - ETA - next Friday

Added abdirahman's Exalted Warlock to my read list
Added Anjin's : Minding others business  to my read list. - looking forward to it :D

Yeah, I really like The Wandering Inn but my world is a bit more brutal to start and has more system integration. plus for the life of me 10-15k words a week, no wai! not and still be any good at least :P