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Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

I'd love if you were to get a chance to give mine a look, but I think it would require the 10-chapter read to really get a feel for the overall work, as the beginning sounds a lot different than the rest of the book - so if you have the time to get to mine, then awesome :D but if you don't, then I totally understand :} 

If you are by chance able to, it's a supernatural Dark Fantasy with a mature rating. Starts out sounding like a YA but then changes, Werewolf/Vampire theme but not romance

Shy Walking Shadows; Book 1 of the Blood Moon Series 
SWS Book Cover Image

Thanks again, either way :}

Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.


Apocryphal Wrote: Hey guys I want to apologize for the long absence. NGL the volume of people that took my offer up kinda intimidated me a LOT lmfao and I sorta just ghosted the thread. 

Though I will start sorting through the stories again tomorrow if I don’t have to work. Apologies for the lack of communication on my part. I really was like “T-That’s a lot of reviews to write...”

If you need a secretary to schedule your reading, just say the word ;)
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