Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

Title says it all, I’ll give your story a review and all you have to do is link it below. Though there are some minor things that I have that you should know beforehand.

1. Depending how many people link their stories, I will probably not be able to get to you in the same day, as there may be multiple stories before your own. However, I will get to you ASAP. I try to thoroughly read stories so I can give advanced reviews and not drive by rates and weak ones just to say I did it. I don’t like doing those and they feel fake to me.

2. Depending on the volume, my usual standard of reading at the very least 10 chapters of a story before reviewing might be compromised to me only reading 2 or 3 at the most if highly stressed for time. The reviews will still be advanced reviews and I will try to put the most I can in them for them to be worth your time reading.

3. By linking your story, you automatically acknowledge that you may not possibly get 5 stars all across the board. However, do not worry. If I think your story is anything less than a three star, I will DM you what I find wrong with it over making it public. I don’t curse in my reviews unless it’s good and I am not one of those tryhard “brutally honest” guys. My review would be to either help you improve or to openly praise what you have. 

4. While review swapping is not required, and I will not make it a requirement in order to get a review from me, I would appreciate if you in return took the time to review (or just rate if anything to save yourself some time) my own story. Once again, whether you do or not is entirely up to you, it will not affect me reading your story and reviewing it. Link is in my signature.

I’m not bothered by LGBT or any 18+ themes.  So feel free to throw them at me. Thank you, and enjoy your day!


Draith’s “To Play with Magic” - Excellent Story, thank you for linking it to me here. I never would have stumbled across it otherwise and you have definitely earned my rate and review. All who haven’t checked it out yet and are reading this edit, I highly recommend it. It deserves a try.

Azaken’s “Reincarnated as a Prince!” - Really cute story! Despite not being used to reading stuff like that I did quite like its lighthearted vibe. Was a fresh change from the usual grimdark and heavy dread stories I read on a usual. It’s cute and bubbly, you make that point get across nice! 

I’ll update your other stories in the future, but for now I’ll have to skip them to give the next posters story a look! Everybody gets one at first, then I backtrack and read additional. I hope that’s ok!

Velara’s “Crimson Crow” - Brand new Story but looks to be a heavy survival styled fugitive themed! Quality of the current number of chapters is very high and the descriptive abilities of the author is no different! Cinematic style of book that caters to the imagination really well. I recommend it for people who tend to visualize a lot!

Krahie’s “Soulless” - Would y’all believe me if I said that Soulless was the first story I read that was actually completed? When I noticed I was like, “oh neat I can finish this whole thing to the end” and started with just a couple of chapters, that eventually wound up having me reading all of it in one go. I was like, “I know there’s a finale, I’m getting closer, one more chapter!” and then boom, I went the whole night just reading (I had popped a 5 hour energy earlier because I was planning to pack but well, ya.)

Science fiction murder mysteries are something I didn’t know I’d like. At least not enough that I wound up reading that much. My vision was blurry when I finally looked up from my screen and saw my clock. Like, legitimately blurry.

Today we learned that if your story is completed before you give it to me, I’ll probably read the whole thing at once. Unless it’s like, 100+ chapters. That might be out of my ability level.

David stole my thunder with his advanced review though. I felt that if I wrote mine it’d be like that “can I copy your homework?” Meme and I wasn’t going for that. Highly liked it regardless.

Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

I have three stories I would like some more reviews or even comments for, since I am still new here and probably have a lot to improve on, as well as also liking to know when people liked my stories and what they think I did right.

Any feedback, advice, or just positive comments about what you liked, all would be great!  Knowing both what I do right and what I do wrong is important to developing my abilities as a writer after all!

Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

I might have repped one of you twice instead of both once. If I did, my fault. Kinda had a brain fart and didn’t remember who I repped lol

Once again, review swaps are not necessary! I’m doing this because I like reading new stuff and have gotten a lot of interesting books added to my list because of this. Please don’t feel like you’re obligated to review my stuff just for me to review yours. I’d review your stuff regardless!

Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

I've been thinking about adding my story here since last night, too scared to receive proper feedback, but you only live once, right? It's new and I'm still learning to write, so it can't really be compared to the ones already posted in the thread. But enough of this, please do your worst:
Big thank you for doing this and for any feedback that will help me improve.