Re: Any Recs??

So I've been one this site for not that long and I've read a couple of novels that are perfect for me
The arcane Emperor
Lone: The Wanderer (Rewrite)
Those who aspired to become Gods
Worth a Candle
Storm King

I was wondering if anyone has some similar to these but it needs to have;
Romance (preferably quite early) - Harems are fine.
OP mc - As well as not being afraid to show it like some MCs who always hide it for no reason.
litRPG elements.
Male lead.
Good length to it (~1500pages).


Re: Any Recs??

Maybe my story fits the shoe.

some kind of romance: Let's emphasize some kind here. As the title suggests, it doesn't start very romantic.
OP mc: I'm honest here, the MC may be strong, but not OP. That's the job of another party-member.
litRPG elements: It's a litRPG.
Male lead: Yes
a good length to it (~1500pages): Almost 1.9k pages.