Re: How to

If you're talking about paid advertisements, check here for information on that.

If you're talking about generally getting the word out... try to update your story regularly, be active on the forums, put a link to your story in your signature, check out promotion threads related to your genre, and/or consider participating in review swaps with other people!

Re: How to

Forum sections.
While self-promotion is not allowed in every forum, the sub-foru Recommendations is a good start (provided it fits what the poster is looking for). You can also resquest for reviews in the rewiewing section. Rewiewed stories tend to attract more readers, and who knows ? You might even gain followers among those who are willing to review your story.
Another thing you can do is put a link and/or even a banner in your signature (like mine). It helps you promoting your story whenever you post somthing in the forum.

Otherwise, you simply need to largen your story exposure by:

- often releasing new chapters : if your story is new, daily releases is almost a must, as it is the best way to gather a lot of new readers, and people are more likely to read a story which already has readers than one which doesn't. Keep in mind that a weekly release is closer to an established novel's schedule than a new story's.

- having a good title, a good cover and a good synopsis : your story just need to stand out among all the other stories, or at least, just enough so that people will click on it and read the synopsis. An eye-catching cover and a good title help. Then, it's your synopsis job's to tilt your potential readers curiosity and push them to read the first chapter. For that, it needs to be short and explicit (people won't bother reading a long synopsis).

- a good first chapter : among all the new stories released everyday, people will be quick to decide which one to read and which one to drop. Most of them won't be patient enough to wait a few chapters for the story to begin. You absolutely need a hook within your first chapter (and some will even say within the fist 1000 words). Avoid too much world building or exposure at the beginning (and naturally, no info dumps). They can wait until your story has taken off. 

And one last thing: just be patient. ;)
Your story is very, very new. So don't be alarmed by the lack of feedback at first, it's inevitable. Just be patient. The more your story progresses, the more it will attract readers. Some people just prefer to read stories with enough reading material and will avoid new stories until they have well progressed. Some of us lucked out, but keep in mind that most stories don't gain a reader base in just a couple of days. It can take weeks, and even months. But as long as the views keep coming, and you don't have a negative review (as people tend to be more vocal about things they don't like than about things they like), it's a good sign.