Re: vs Royalroad?

I find the community generally more active in RR. I posted my story on both sites, and I got more comments on RR than Webnovel. However, people seem more inclined to review a story on Webnovel as it is easier to leave one there. Webnovel seems more professionnal as a writing platform, however, if it is great for the reader, as a writer it's not easy to use. Its interface is not very ergonomic, and it lacks a lot of the layout options that you'll find on RR (such as the tables, the images, formatting etc).

Then, there are the copyrights issues. I'm not very familiar with it, but there seems to be some kind of agreement on Webnovel that if you post there, you give the site some rights over your story. At least, this is what I heard from my readers who promptly warned me about it as soon as I started posting there. And after doind a bit of research, there were indeed a couple of testimonies from writers that were a bit worrying. Like I said, I'm not very familiar with it. I didn't dig into it very much so I wouldn't be able to develop that point as it was enough for me to stop posting in Webnovel.

On the side note, this review of mine might not be up to date. Since I stopped posting on Webnovel over two years ago, it might have changed a lot since.

Re: vs Royalroad?

Simply royalroad is better, even if you dont look at webnovel's (Qidian) business practices, especially their contracts that are offered to authors.
Readers are also more active on this site, and generally more prone to discussions than on Webnovel.

Its also easier for an author to get noticed on this site, though not by that much, especially when you are writing in a niche genre, if you have a 'popular' story with daily releases, maybe you could get more popularity on webnovel, though be warned that it is very unlikely to make money off patreon there, as they block all links to there.

Re: vs Royalroad?

I don't like it and I would never put my stories on there. I recommend other writers not too. DO NOT POST YOUR WORK THERE

Be very weary of platforms located in China/Hong Kong.

This particular company is a piece of work. They don't follow international copyright law. They care little about copyright. If you happen to be in whatever they call their paid writer program, they ask for exclusive distribution rights. Basically you can't post you story on another service or platform. You can't sale your work on Amazon if I'm not mistaken. And for that exclusivity they pay pocket change.

Also, you don't get to have social media links or link outside of the site. Want to tell people about your patreon. Nope, can't post it there. Twitter, nope. Wordpress blog, nope. Some other place they might find you, nope. You just want your readers to know who you are, well you aren't going to get that for them.

They pretty much just use writers to make money for themselves. The audience you may get isn't worth it. They have questionable business practices. I really wish I can find the Writer Beware post that they linked to a blog that pretty much tell you all the reasons to stay away from them but I can't find it. If I do, I will link it. 

Edit: Whoops, thinking of the wrong scummy platform.