Re: Would there be an interest this premise?

So, I've got this book premise and I'm several thousand words into the first draft. I'm really liking how it's going, but I wanted a more public take on it. I knocked together a quick blurb panel and want to know if this premise would be something you would read? Moreover, do you think it would to well here or if it might be a better fit for a different platform?

Quote:Peter Rolen used to be an accountant until last week.

Witnessing the theft of a magical artifact as dangerous as 
it is priceless ripped the veil off his eyes. Now he can see 
the monsters and the monsters can see him. Believing Peter 
was behind the theft, the two most powerful factions in 
San Francisco intend to hunt him down.

New to this treacherous reality, Peter must locate the stolen 
artifact to clear his name before the factions catch him, 
and the thief can use it to devastate the city.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Horrendous? Crazy? Not a good fit for RR? Great choice for RR?

Re: Would there be an interest this premise?

It sounds interesting enough and could definitely work as an urban fantasy story. Though if you are looking for maximum readership then I'm not entirely sure that RR would be the best fit to publish it on as I think the userbase on here tends to enjoy more Isekai/Wuxia inspired stuff. Though that shouldn't discourage you from publishing your story on here anyhow and your best option would most likely be to publish it on multiple platforms.

Re: Would there be an interest this premise?

I don’t see much urban fantasy stuff on jere but it might do well if you can hook readers in quickly. The blurb as shown doesn’t really show much about how enjoyable the book will be beyond generically what genre it will be in, which can maybe be sumarized as quirky The Lightning Thief with less hints at what the awesome parts are supposed to be.

The accountant part tells me it’s quirky, the monster and magic part tells me it’s slightly thriller at the least and lots of urban fantasy/thrown into magical world. It might even do a bit pf horror. But what are the awesome parts? For what things should I be excited?

The Lightning Thief, for example, had several hooks of awesome like greek mythology for those that liked stuff, everyone being demigods because that sounds snazzy, it had drama with the protagonist’s mysterious parentage, his Olympean inheritance, and a bunch of drama with his mother AS WELL AS his one friend turning into a goat-person and sprouting exposition (spoilers).

So those are the kinds of thing that can hook you in, tell you the flavour of the story from the early parts, inform you what kind of fandom you are getting dragged into. (Not mine, the lightning thief was boring to me)

So it’s important to convey with your blurb/premise/first-chapters/maybe-even-your-title to potential readers what kind of experience they should be expecting from you, and what kind of fandom they should be preparing for. Expectation plays a large role in how you experience and enjoy a work so it’s important for the author to understand and manage those expectations. Even being mysterious works, because you know they’re going in not knowing what to expect, and that effects what they pay attention to.

Re: Would there be an interest this premise?

Thank you everyone for your unique perspectives on the back cover copy. That description is of course a work in progress, but I will be continuing to refine it through my draft revision and editing process.

All that aside, I do not write any kind of anime into my stories because I dont know enough about it to be able to speak intelligently on it. It seems that the primary audience here on RR falls into that and the LitRPG categories.

It is always important as an author to know your ideal readers, and I think for this story in particular, RR wont be a good fit. I think I'll go a traditional novel publishing route for this project. As a hybrid author I get to play around with new publishing ideas. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

Thanks again for all the feedback.