Re: Looking for Dark Fantasy/Grimdark Stories

Hey all, in short, I'm looking for some stories that have a very distinct flavor to them that I can't for the life of me find myself. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place or something? I don't know. But in short, the stories I'm seeking, I want them to have a very heavy, grim and foreboding type feeling for the most part. Think Dark Souls or Bloodborne or even the movie JOKER styled atmosphere. If that can't be found I'd be very interested in reading some Devil May Cry or Final Fantasy styled story (note: no fanfictions, those don't do anything for me. I'd prefer original work that shows me a writer's creativity).

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated ^^

Re: Looking for Dark Fantasy/Grimdark Stories

Hmm... while I can't call it grimdark by any stretch, there's a lovely modern fantasy story where gods are enslaved and forced to work in an office of all things. It's both hilarious and horrifying. I can't name another story that has successfully merged so many disparate genres into one and come out with something good.

And then there's this lovely gem of nightmare-fuel, where humanity's extinct and its only hope for revival is a mining asteroid's AI... that's been put through so much shit by its creators that I wouldn't blame it for letting us go extinct.

And there is literally everything I have ever written.

On this site, there's Requiem and Paradox. Both high fantasy stories where magic is so commonplace it's considered unusual to be unable to cast a few spells.

Requiem's got two books to it. The MC is a child necromancer who might be insane. Which includes mind control, slavery, a little girl being fed to wolves, a little girl being the prime target for a human sacrifice, and a walking jumble of corpses that likes to cut people open, pull out their bones, and replace them with its own.

Paradox has just started, and thus far has enslaved demons, cannibalism, humans being melted by dragon vomit, human corpses being used as magic landmines, a city being burned to the ground by an irate fire elemental, an attempted rape interrupted by surprise cannibalism, and carving open monsters to use their innards as tools.