Re: Grammar/Spelling Check

Hey, so I am new here (Hello everyone!) and have recently started to post some of my work here and work on it here, but I was wondering if anyone would mind helping me.  Although I do try to proof read and correct mistakes myself, in the end I am still human and therefore imperfect, so I was wondering if someone would read some of my fictions and give me advice and point out mistakes for me?  Also maybe some reviews, though since its early if you feel like waiting to do it later that is understandable.

For ease of finding things, here are the links to them:

The Reincarnated Boy's Tears:

Aurion: The New World:

Re: Grammar/Spelling Check


Wrote: Try grammarly, prowriting aid, then get a text-to-speech to read your work back to you. Do all of that, and you will have a highly polished chapter every time.

Alright, though what is Grammarly, Prowriting Aid?  Is it a program?  A website?

They're both web editors and I think one of them has a desktop version. Both have free and paid versions, but the free versions are good enough.