Re: How are achievements awarded?

Hey everyone,

Apologies since this might sound like a bit of a strange question, but I'm curious about how achievements are given to site members. What I mean by that is sometimes I don't see achievements pop up until several hours after I've fulfilled their conditions, and some I don't have at all. For example, I've seen other members with an achievement for writing fiction reviews, but I don't have it despite having written a few myself.

Are they updated manually, perhaps? Or are there other conditions for certain achievements I might not be aware of...?
Thanks in advance!

Re: How are achievements awarded?

Thanks for that link! It's nice to be able to see which ones are available.

I think some of the standard achievements might be manual, though. A few hours after I made this thread, I suddenly got two achievements, one of which was for the reviews I mentioned in the OP. I had the requirements for it for over 24 hours, so I think I sense a sneaky mod or admin lurking around, haha.

Re: How are achievements awarded?

Hi Krahie, 
Manual achievements are usually event-specific achievements (as an example, you can find many of them on my profile page).
Usually tiered achievements are automatic and are handed out on GMT Midnight. In the week you reported this issue, we had an achievement error, but it has been fixed by now and achievements are back to working as normal.

As Danetello pointed out, you can find the list of achievements you can achieve here: 
If you have the author role, you will see more available achievements.