Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)

I am currently in the home stretch of finishing posting my historical horror mythos book, "Curse of Clwyd"

I should wrap up this weekend.

I would be happy to provide reviews of your works if they are in any of the fantasy, historical, horror, or Sci-Fi genres, so that should cover a pretty good range of what gets posted here. Basically anything other than romance and erotica. 

Hit me up with works you would like me to review and I will make an honest effort to get through them. I look forward to your feedback as well.


Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)


Wrote: Hey, I'm interested too if you like fantasy. My storytelling is a bit slower than average (I like to take my time and create a certain atmosphere), so beware.

Link to my completed story is in my signature, take a look and tell me if you are interested. Reviewing a completed book takes a lot of time and I don't want you to feel forced.

I'll add it to my reading list. It might be time for me to take some days off work so that I can plow through everything I've committed to read.

Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)

I'm slowly catching up on my review backlog here. 

For those interested I also have two new works that I have posted. One I'm almost done with. The other has a verrrrry long way to go.

Impostor - Sci-Fi Dark Comedy:

Heaven Falls - Epic Fantasy Drama:

Both Impostor and Curse of Clwyd are fairly modest in scope as they were NaNoWriMo projects that I'm just posting now. Heaven Falls is a far more sweeping narrative and is longer than the other two combined by a good margin. It's also the first of four planned books, so if you want something with a lot of meat, there it is. 

I will continue to catch up with those of you who wanted reviews. 

Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)


Wrote: If you like we can swap stories. We are a group of Mexicans in the novel we are publishing and it would help us a lot to have comments about our English translation.

Done. I hope you find my feedback useful and I look forward to seeing where your story goes. It had an intriguing opening.

Feel free to review any of the three books I've worked on here, or all of them if you're feeling particularly charitable. :-)

Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)


Wrote: Nice! I’d be up for a review swap for my story, Twin Fates.

Here’s an exclusive spoiler; Here, there be dragons 🙌🏼

Cool. I'll give it a read.

My main project has shifted since I first wrote this and now I'm focusing on my fantasy angel civil war epic "Heaven Falls":

Let me know what you think!

Re: Review Swap - (Fantasy, Historical, or Horror)


Wrote: If your plate isn't completely full, I'd like to do a review swap as well. However for transparency, my book isn't a romance novel but will have some elements, for now it's just 80+ pages. The genre is a fantasy that centers on the interaction and travels of two characters.

Romance is good and great. Always write romance.