Re: ModernMilitary/fantasy/Transported to a fantasy world

I have some bad news for you. As far as I know, and I hope I'm wrong, there doesn't really exist a novel like that. "Out of Space", that's on Webnovel, has a Sci-fi vs fantasy theme and it is done okay in my opinion, but it's still not modern military. Anything that comes close is usually harem trash that has maybe like one or two good military scenes before devolving into generic nothingness like GATE. 

The juxtaposition that comes with the modern military vs fantasy, does not lend itself to an easily told story. Any attempt that I've seen usually gets to 10-ish chapters before the author runs out of steam. There doesn't really exist any reference material to work from and thus the concept is hard to properly write and keep interesting without cliches. 

It's already hard to power balance the two inherently different power systems and this is further exacerbated by the challenge of writing to the scope of military fiction. It isn't impossible to write this type of story, it's just very challenging and so far nothing has done it justice.

I hope I'm wrong and someone can name a book, but my own research has never born any fruit in this endeavour.

Re: ModernMilitary/fantasy/Transported to a fantasy world

There is a manga specifically about japan being transported to another world .. but it was more trashy then gate.
Not going to lie I still enjoyed it and it wasnt terribly long either.
Release that witch also has some of those themes and is a recommended read, if you can stand harem styled content that is.

There are a bunch I have read before but I wouldn't say they were worth the time to recommend them.

Hope this helps.