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Hi, my name is Olga and I'm from Russia.
I translate my short stories into English as a hobby and make a science fiction webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice".

I made an account on Royal Road to see what publishing there is like. I'm currently looking for a place where to publish my novels in future (I'm currently translating them). Will it be RR? Well, if people here will like my short stories, there's a good chance they will like my novels too. There is only one way to find out :)

Re: Hi, I'm new :)


Pluralize-Everythings Wrote: Privet Olga!

That is the only Russian I know, but anyways welcome to Royal Road.

I hope you laughed at dad.  He made an oopsie.

Hi :)
Thanks for the warm welcome!
I'm feeling a bit lost for now but I still hope someone will notice my stories.
I'm currently translating my novel into English. Publishing my short stories on RR is a test to find out whether my audience is here.

Re: Hi, I'm new :)

I know the feeling.

So I am going to read one of your stories and give it a rating.

I am going to try and be unbiased.

Which story would you like me to read?

I would also like to give you a tip.

Update often and interact with your readers as much as you can.

Some guys offer to give fair reviews in the forums. If you feel confident, you can ask some of them to give your story a review.

You can also do review swaps if you want feedback.

I have added the link to this forum below.