Re: Scheduled Updates?

Hi. New member, here, and I've got what is probably a dumb question. 

After submitting the first chapter for approval, is there a way to upload further chapters for future updates? For example, say I've got a story with fifty chapters and I want to post a new one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Is it possible to set all of that up in advance (over a weekend, say, at it would probably take some time) so that the entire process is automated for the entire story's run?

Thank you for your thoughts.

Re: Scheduled Updates?

Welcome to Royal Road, 
The approval process is only for the first chapter, it may take up to 48 hours but usually less than 12. Only after the first chapter is approved can you set scheduled releases. Until then, there is nothing to do other than wait.
In the meanwhile, if you are interested in having as much exposure on the site as possible, I suggest you read our rules, and FAQ that will explain how the lists work.

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