Re: Stories that got deranked unfairly

So I have a lot of trouble making myself sift through all the low rated and new fictions so I stick to the top rated things like many of you probably do.  However, I also realize that a lot of gems get a 1-star advanced review that tanks their rating because of some stupid reason.  Like maybe they dared to make a gender bender fiction.  Or maybe the reviewer just didn't like the author for some reason.  etc

Thus the purpose of this thread is to point out all the fictions you believe are deserving of a high score but didn't get the love they deserved.  

Re: Stories that got deranked unfairly

The Nothing Mage lost like a full half star by putting a male-male kiss involving the protagonist in like chapter 35 or so.  

I think the term "unfair" is a bit loose.  I'm sure that the people who poorly rated The Nothing Mage felt that the author did something wrong by throwing that in at chapter 35, when they had invested so much into the story.  Wrongheaded that may be, but easiest to sidestep the issue and say "for reasons having nothing to do with literary merit".  

A lot of authors have a good reason to complain about some aspect of the reaction to their story.  Most of it is fairly trivial stuff, but reviewers ARE careless and perfectly willing to give .5 stars to a good story that offends them in some way.  I got some .5s because my litrpg character was trained up through what some people thought of as torturing a child.  Later, I got more .5s when I included a major plot twist.  This is just routine everyday stuff that happens to a high percentage of stories.  I think you are more interested in narrowing it to more major stuff, but you might specify a bit more.  

Re: Stories that got deranked unfairly

I don't think that there's a rule against basing one's review completely on a subjective opinion, which if it differs with yours you may find "unfair". I see professional stories review bombed all the time because the protagonist isn't an overpowered murderhobo and impregnating every woman that he meets and it always pisses me off, yet it's their opinion, so I deal with it.

Anyway I've reported half star reviews on gender bender fictions that stated "gender bender" as the reason for low ranking and they've been taken down by moderators. I suggest you get into the habit of reporting reviews where it's obvious that the person hasn't even given the story he/she is reviewing a try. Also spam reviews like "story goodstory goodstory goodstory goodstory goodstory goodstory good 5/5" or "story badstory badstory badstory badstory badstory badstory bad 0,5/5".