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So what if you have a story in episodes, but one that doesn't really have a big audience overlap with the RR population? Webnovels seem to be something for a very particular demographic, and RR has an even more specific, so certain types of story work here while other don't. The main audience is very young and likes particular genres.

Which is all normal and okay and fine, but what if what you're writing is completely out of touch with those things? My own story probably isn't really teenager-oriented: a MC in his late thirties, an older style of dystopian scifi in a future version of our world, no romance in the forseeable future, and a dark backround of humanity almost at the point of exinction. When it comes to certain parts of exploring the 'humanity close to possible extinction' idea I always lose a few of the veery few followers I have so that I'm back to 10 again. So something is not working with my audience that I have here.

Now, until I find a better place I'm not stopping 'Ghostified City' here. Publishing it here helps me to not stop developing the story and the world.

Does anyone think there  is a better place for episode based web-novelisation for other kinds of stories like mine? Are there other sides that are more oriented towards (let's say) classic scifi and dystopia (which isn't completely what I'm writing either.

And if I'd start another one here, which would be best? There's 2 other stories I've been working on in Dutch that might be interesting to translate and/or rewrite.
1.) Adoxa at the end of everything: some kind of post-apocalyptic low fantasy. In a world where one 'year' is around 20 of our years a small group of survivors of an old empire depopulated by a weird epidemic half a generation ago tries to survive both the suicidal tendencies of their last leftover leader and the arriving armies of a conquering army from a new empire from the North. (MC is female, around 18 in our years) To make everything worse it is snowing where it has never snowed before, and the 'coldyear' isn't even at its coldest point.

2.) Liana in between the worlds.
Liana is around 17, and doesn't really know how she sometimes travels in between worlds. She can also see invisibl beings and feel other peoples feelings. Sometimes she get lost in between worlds, and meets all kinds of strange things.
I don't know if I'd use the story of her going to Nuanderra (a world where some see our species as demons, inhabitated by certain species of humanoids including the Nummerfa who are something in between woodnymphs and elves) or another one with a colony of half-Nummerfa half-humans that have been separated from all other worlds in a dead alien world on an island surrounded by toxic corrosive seas.

Any of these that might get turned into something that would work more for the RR audience?

any other input is welkcome too.

Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

Indo not know too much about other sites but from what I’ve understood there aren’t all that many good ones, and the one harder to find would have very little traffic anyway. You can post through Blogspot like the zombie knight saga did and Webfiction Guide is a great place for a more critical approach (meaning less specific genre obsessed) to fiction.

The platform isn’t what’s important. Except for it’s hosting and it’s community of course. But what is important is how YOU present your story for readers to find. People who like niche find niche, even if there’s a lot of noise in the popular genres. I’ve read a few fics on RR with a weirder style to them already, and their problem has always seemed to be continuing the book rather than being niche causing them real issues.

Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

No to be honest. It's kind of the curse of writing something niche/cross-genre/it doesn't exists/where is the audience for this sort of stories. Nothing really works well. None of the well-known platforms will be a good place for your writing as far as I know. RR is as close as I've gotten just from the fact there are mostly fantasy stories here. The only place I've ever had luck with. Now with my second novel, a sequel to the first, I'm just between a rock and a hard place.

And as far as I know, there isn't a platform that's going to be very good for what you write. You would almost need something just as specific as this place, but for sci-fi which, to my knowledge, doesn't exist. You would probably be better off posting in the wilds of web fiction and using a Worpress or a Blogger account. I do. RoyalRoad is just a mirror. And normally I would say using Web Fiction Guide as a signal boost, however, it's in limbo as it transitions into a updated website. When will it be completed, I've no idea.

Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

Best advice I can give:  "Write the story YOU want to write, because you are the one who is going to have to write it."

I write "Ain't A Hero".  A slice of life story set in the post-post magical apoc future where you have normal everyday things inter-meshed with high-tech and magic, covering the lives of a group of adventurers with most in or near their 30's, anchored around a character with shattered confidence, questionable ability, and is fumbling around to manage break even point most of the time...  There is no real world ending terror, no obvious big bad, and the plot is glacier pace (Season 6 for 4 months in world to pass)...

And this story updates once every two weeks with a month long break between seasons.

This thing is so far away from the normal desires of the typical Royal Road crowd, that the Voyager 1 probe is set to pass by it the coming months.

But, people read it and some people actually like it.

And if you are looking for a good writing community and your story has some element of Humanity doing something, the Reddit's r/HFY might be a good place.  They're goofy, nice enough folks.  ( )  They love some oddball fiction over there.

Still...  Write what you want to and make it for yourself more than anything.  Writing for arbitrary internet points will just leave you chasing fad after fad after fad, and frustrate you to no end.  It's most sure fire way to lead you to dropping it for the next temporary internet point fix.

Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

Thanks for the reactions. It's a bit what I already feared.

I'm going to slow down with 'Ghostified City' and try a story with Liana that I've never finished in Dutch, in an English version.
At least for all her weird powers and quirks he's 'just' a teenage girl from our world and time, no human extinctions and depressing existential dread in a post-dystopia, just a bit of parallel world fantasy and (in this particula story) some idiots in another world who think that our species are demons from hell.
No real traumatising content, sexual content, or stuff like that. I think...

I'll check out the reddit, but I'm not sure 'going almost extinct' is a good example of 'Humaity being Awesome' for some reason...