Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

NOTICE: I'm not infallible and can miss things. If you asked for a review and your story's not in the list of stories at the bottom, that means I had a brain fail. Let me know and I'll fix it. Keep in mind there are two unread lists, one of which is the back line, so be sure to check both.

Did something like this a year or so ago, and now I return to give it another run. But first, a few rules going forward:

1- No flash in the pan stories. If you don't have 10k written words, get back to me later. 10k words is less than a week of work for most writers, I can do it in two days with proofreading and maintaining a cohesive story. I'd rather not, but I can.

2- This is not a review swap. I don't like review swaps, I've tried them, they feel plastic and fake to me. More like a popularity contest where they're expecting you to give them a good review for your good review, or being afraid to give a poor review in case of retaliation. In other words: like the Oscars. And thus worthless. I'm reviewing, no strings.

But if I give you a poor review and suddenly get new .5 star ratings to mar my scores... I'll know it was you...

3- Speaking of poor reviews. I am a picky bitch. I like to say "tough, but fair". I have a love for a wide variety of genres, and back before I started devoting myself to writing, I'd put away something like 4 or 5 novels a week. I have standards forged of going through a lot of fiction (some far better than others). I'm not asking for you to be on par with Pratchett or Hemmingway, but I'm not going to be happy if it's trash. If your story reads like wish fulfillment, I will hate it.

5- To some extent, this will be first come first serve. But the following things will push you to the front or back of the line as situation demands:

A: I will be favoring people who do not yet have any comprehensive reviews. Whether you've been given star rankings will have no impact, but part of this is my hope to help newer or more obscure writers get their first bump in visibility. As best as I can help, at least.
B: If they're poorly written (as opposed to just unfavorable) reviews, I'll probably feel bad and give you a pity nudge. No promises.
C: Fanfics, back of the line. Especially if it's a fandom I don't know. Same with stories meant to "reimagine" more famous works.

6- Don't put a comprehensive explanation of your story down when you ask for a review. A link to the story is all you need here. If your foreword and chapters can't speak for themselves, you should fix them.

7- Understand these reviews are a tertiary project. I'm pacing myself for a project that's likely to exceed two million words, in addition to having a job. I'll get to you when I get to you.

The Queue: So you'll know when it's your review's turn.


The Book of Dreams
Six Seals
God's Work
Sixth Finger
Lost Star
The Writer
Crimson Crow

Mage w/o Magic (Deleted before I could review it)
Scarlet Dream

Wooden Gem
White Hawk
Death Counter (Deleted before I could review it)

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The Selection
Arcadis Park
Robot Wars

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

I too am interested. Though I have three reviews, and all of them are saying good things about the story, I'm ashamed to say, I don't have much confidence myself. Besides, I discovery wrote it during Nanowrimo and wish to rewrite it at a later time with a more well-structured plot. So I don't mind negative reviews as long as I get know what faults and strengths the story has and what I can do to improve it story-wise...

Link in the signature...

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

David Musk Wrote: I'm interested! I realize I already have a few well-written reviews

Yeah, L Nimbus gave you a very comprehensive review, so expect to find yourself near the back of the line. Not to say it won't happen, just that you'll have to tolerate others cutting ahead of you. I stopped reading Nimbus' review about two sentences in because I don't want outside influence, but I suspect what I do won't be all that different. Good reviewers always do their best to remove personal bias and uplift objective facts, and I like to believe I'm a good reviewer.

I Don't Bite... Wrote: Though I have three reviews,

Yeah, but none of them are comprehensive reviews (by my standards, which are admittedly higher than most), so you're where I'm starting.

Incidentally- I hope the story is better than that intro. It's kind of a rambling mess. Now on to reading chapter 1.

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

I Don't Bite... Wrote: wish to rewrite it at a later time with a more well-structured plot. So I don't mind negative reviews as long as I get know what faults and strengths the story has and what I can do to improve it story-wise...

Aaand... finished. Gotta say, this one was weird for me. I have never read a story so consistently inconsistent, before. You had a lot of great mixed in with a lot of bad, so I think the best thing you can do is take the advice I hear most often given to inexperienced writers: Delete the first three chapters.

Or in your case, chapters 2-5.

Once given a proper edit and trimming, I think you've got yourself a real gem of a novella and a great setup for a long series.

Raskaro Wrote: I've got no reviews or whatsoever, though that might be because of the lack of visibilty I get from the irregular update frequency; but well, thank you if you can find the time to do so.

Yeah... keeping up regular story posts is rather important if you want visibility.  In any case, you're next on the list (dun dun dun!). It'll probably be Thursday, unless some miracle lets me get done early with my stuff tomorrow.

Zethuron Wrote: Thats rather rare, not often that i see a service for reviewing without it having to be a review swap being posted here.

Yeah... I have all sorts of dislike for review swaps, but in the interest of not going into a rant not unlike my avatar is famous for, I'll not go into too much depth.

For me, this is something of a recharge method and a way to examine other creators' styles to help me expand my own repertoire. Plus, feels good to contribute to the community.

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

I have a number of rather thorough reviews, but if you find yourself bored and waiting for others to join the queue, well have I got a yarn for you! Epic. Mysterious. Utter genius. People's heads have been known to explode from merely being in its presence.

But instead of reading that one (though you're a stranger, I worry about your head's well being), I'd like for you to read mine instead (link in the signature below).

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

Dropping mine here as well.

It's time for me to get actual feedback. I've been writing and posting stories for two years by now and never got any feedback from anyone, even when I asked. I feel like I've hit a wall in terms of skill progression because I have no one to tell me about the things I'm doing wrong. Be as harsh as you want, I need a wake-up slap. If it's terrible, I need to know. Thanks in advance!

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess


Raskaro Wrote: I've got no reviews or whatsoever

Well, you've got one, now. Probably the highest score I've ever given a story that goes ten chapters without having a story.

My non-review advice: Have your last chapter, first. It's how I keep from rambling (as much) in my writing. By knowing an outline of what the last chapters (or climactic chapter, at least- it doesn't matter as much for 'aftermath' chapters) look like, you can keep the story on track better and trim away the weaker material. 

You also need to be less afraid to hide character backgrounds. It's better to tease readers with just enough background to make them hungry for more, without ever satiating them.

That's what "compendiums" are for.

Otherwise, you're a good writer.

Skywind Wrote: Add me to queue.

You've got what look to be some quality reviews, so you'll be placed in the back line.

GhostlyArtz Wrote: I'm just going to toss this here

You're next. You have my condolences.

Csuite Wrote: I wouldn't mind a review

You're after that. And made for an amusing coincidence in my 'to do' list.

xSparkZx Wrote: Be as harsh as you want, I need a wake-up slap. If it's terrible, I need to know. Thanks in advance!

Sad thing is... I try not to be harsh... but I promise, if it's terrible, I'll let you know. 

l Wrote: Grits teeth in anticipation for pain. 

First: You've got, like, ten comprehensive reviews, already.
Second: I've seen your review work... if you're half as good a writer as you are reviewer, you've got nothing to worry about.
Third: Am I really that bad?

EDIT: Don't know what's breaking the quote lines, they show up fine in the typing mode.

Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess


Chaos_is_Harmony Wrote: Ouch. Utterly ignored. I thought online wasn't supposed to be like the real world. I want a refund!

... I didn't ignore you. You were listed in the "back line" because you've got some good reviews, but you weren't ignored.

javert Wrote: Hi, I would absolutely love it if you would review my (complete) story, Arcadis Park.

This guy got "ignored", because he posted as I was posting and I didn't see it until now. He, too, will have to be in the back line because he's had comprehensive reviews already.

l Wrote: 1. I know. But i don't want a friend or a fan telling me it's good, i wan't someone who'll be brutally honest give me THEIR opinion of my story. 
2. Reviewer I may be, but translating that to my own works takes time and effort, i want to know if it paid off, tbh.
3. YES! Not 'bad', but harsh AF. But hey, that might be what people need.

Fair enough. You're still going to have to wait at the back of the line with a few other people, however.