Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

Hello there,
I recently re-released my first 2 books in my ongoing story "Tatzelwyrm", which was a rewrite of the first 23 chapters thanks to the input of close friends. Now I want some more ratings and reviews on this work which I think had become much better for newcomers.  I also released a ~14k word shortstory for Halloween that has gotten little attention. 
Therefore I offer to do 3 review swaps over works of equal length. People who are interested can pick either of the following:

Tatzelwyrm (Chapters Prologue-V are roughly 15k words and cover the establishment of the three primary characters): Ongoing webnovel, tags are fantasy, low fantasy, adventure and magic.

Red Stag's Trail (roughly 14k words): set in the same world as Tatzelwyrm but completely disconnected from the plot. tags are fantasy, horror and adventure.

Anyone willing to pick up either please let me know which stories and how much of them I should review. Please consider staying below 20k words to keep this roughly fair.